Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arcata Can Be Better, Members Only!

Local blogger Michael Moore Jr. does a blog that wants Arcata to be better.  A recent post on his blog is below.
An Arcata resident e-mailed me these photos. He lives off of the Samoa exit as you go South. The poor guy has had to shell his hard earned cash for a sprayer and paint on more than one occasion to deal with the Graffiti people leave.

Graffiti also costs the city and local business a lot of cash that could easily go towards more productive things.

There are two photos that you can see at the link to the post. 

I wanted to comment on the blog and tried to post this:
I think the city of Arcata forbids that kind of signage. Destruction of private property is also a crime.  Should we pass more laws or are you suggesting some sort of vigilantism? Maybe we could put up cameras like they have in London to document and track the scum that vandalize private property.

I noticed that there aren't many comments on this blog. It could be because this blog offers no real suggestions to remedy the situation. It could be that no one has any answers. If we all had jobs and homes the situation would be much better. How do you propose we get there? Do you want a political solution? A social solution, or you in favor of a final solution? There may be more options that I haven't considered but I don't seem to be getting any real direction from this blog.

As I am not a member of Michael Moore Jr.'s blog, I was unable to post my comment. I ask, what is the point of having a blog that only people that are members can comment on? Loose the anonymous posts and do a real blog I say.

Mr. Moore Jr., if you are truly trying to effect positive change, why exclude suggestions from the common populace? Some of us find your blog disgusting, others intriguing, too bad you only want to hear from those that agree with you enough to become a member. I could never be associated with and will never condone such a blog that offers no solutions only criticisms of people that you don't want to understand.
Now I know why there aren't very many posts on Arcata Can Be Better.
It is censored to keep out people like myself.


  1. Mr. Moore Jr., we both have opinions but yours seem to be condoned by your employer as they have a link to your blog on the official KMUM website, my opinions are not supported by my employer. The radio station I work for does not support my opinions enough to put a link to my blog on their official web site. My opinions are mine alone but you seem to seem to have some sort of corporate backing from your employer. What is the agenda? Why does KHUM seem to condone what you do on your own time?

  2. The number one blog that censors is the Herald. They allow a few to disagree like Rose, but the middle of the road folk, they dont like, dilutes the hate.

    Try it for a while, and you, like me, will be banned for trying to create dialog and not slander.

  3. It appears Mr. Moore Jr. doesn't even have a blog.
    On the other hand, he's got a great group of "yes men and women" as members. Kinda like an Online cult.

    It's not clear how Moore is going to make Arcata better, and what his defination of "better" is. Do Arcataians have to join his Online Cult to find out?

    Let's put it this way, the common citizen's of Arcata are excluded from Moore's elite faux blog becaause they might not agree with him.

  4. I ran into the same thing at Red County. I'm pretty conservative and their site is supposed to be a right-of-center blog. However, offer a different view and you get slammed with personal attacks from their own bloggers. It turns out that the guy who runs it also has a PR firm that specializes in political techno PR. Readers think they are getting one thing and WHAM, they switch it on you. If you present a logical argument against their cause or politician, you get banned!

  5. I'm no expert on graffiti or homelessness but it seems odd that someone without a roof over their head would spray-paint a wall like that. Maybe if it said "HELP! I NEED FOOD!" or maybe "Houseless People are people too!" then I might think it was painted up by a homeless person.

  6. Tom,

    So I guess that means that you'll stop coming to the blog then? That's alright. has a link to my blog, hugh? Didn't realize that. Is it the news aggregator that grabs everything on the web that mentions Humboldt County?

    Oh yeah, you'll notice that I did make a slight adjustment to theme of the blog: "I have since added a post on graffiti, so I guess I am expanding the scope of this blog to general problems that affect the city of Arcata."

    Finally, let's be honest. No real solutions have come of of the local blogasphere, so there's no reason to pretend that your blog, or Tad's blog or any blog will produce real solutions. They haven't yet.

    If I had the time I'd have a "real blog" as you say, but I guess I'll just have to stay with the fake one for now.

    See ya!

    Faking it,

    Michael Moore, Jr.

  7. I agree Tom. I tried to post a comment once and didn't want to become a "member". So no reason to read the blog. As far as KHUM, remember they have no rules.

  8. I guess you're right about some things Mr. Moore, blogs don't really solve very many problems. I'm glad you are branching out into other subjects like graffiti. I could get on board with that.

    As far as KHUM having no rules, that's what makes it so cool. They show a lot of diversity in their programming. Your great knowledge of music is a part of that. I guess I just don't understand how someone with that connection to music writes a blog like yours. I would probably have to walk a mile in your shoes to understand. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

  9. " has a link to my blog, hugh? Didn't realize that."

    If you don't want people to connect your views with anything KHUM,then it might be a smart move to ditch the whole free form radio thing.
    And Mike,do you think that Arcata has showed signs of your view of improvement since you started your blog?Do you think that it has been constructive?

  10. My mistake about the blog. Mr. Moore does two blogs and KHUM links to the other one.
    It's still hard to imagine that the same person writes for both. Mr. Moore is evidently a complicated individual. Like FOX he has two sides, one that provides great entertainment and another that sensationalizes news.

    My apologies to Mr. Moore and KHUM for getting that wrong. I stand corrected.

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