Friday, March 12, 2010

How Fast Is Your Internet?

Here is a little gadget that tells you how fast your upload and download speed is on your internet connection.
At 10:25 pm tonight I tested at 981 kbps down and 190 kbps up.
At 11:14 pm it was 507 download and 242 upload. 
Too slow to watch you tube videos.  I use Sudden link, how fast is your internet connection?
Find out by going to:


  1. I recently upgraded and bought a new computer. A Compaq Presario at Staples. It has a 3GB System Memory and a 500GB Mard Drive.
    I also have Suddenlink as my server.

    The difference from my old computer (a Dell with a fraction of the memory)and my new one is like driving a Model T and suddenly going to a Porsch!
    Wow! I mean fast.

    I feel real spoiled now.

  2. Opps! That's HARD drive not MARD drive...

  3. My cheezy laptop works better at other wireless spots than at home. A lan line doesn't help.

  4. If you go to a cable modem, you might have a little better speed.

    I use AT&T and I have to pay them extra to NOT slow down the connection.

  5. I've got 7800 download and 500 upload on standard sudden link

  6. Wow Scott, you must live south of McKinleyville.


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