Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Never Mind Those Lines In The Sky

On Friday March 12th. the skies over Humboldt were filled with jets that turned what would have been a sunny albeit cold weekend into a hazy overcast. On Monday the 15th. I photographed the skies on the way to work.

When we do weather at the radio station in can be frustrating.  Sunny skies turn to this haze and what can we say?
Anyone doing a weather forcast that doesn't take jets into account is setting the public up for disapointment.

Luckily for most people they either don't look up or don't mind the weather intrusion. I would prefer a sunny day. It's not like we normally get that many and it is a shame to have them taken away by jets.


  1. I'm reminded of a piece of news I saw the other day about an airplane that had to circle an airport for two hours while it drained the fuel tanks (to assure a safe landing).

    Jet fuel released into the atmosphere - where some claim it does no harm and evaporates -by that one plane must have made some kind of trail. Or is my science pathetically off?

  2. Jet fuel, if when ignited it melts steel, it can't be good to breath.
    We had some nice blue skies today though. Maybe there were just no flights booked over Humboldt today? I don't care what the reason as long as I can have a blue sky day.

  3. Just a week ago local (SoCal) KABC weather man Dallas Rains was showing a "Look at that beautiful sky video feed which showed a bunch of trails". Upon realizing it wasn't so beautiful, he went into a dissertation on "high altitude aircraft do this and then it just blows away." Sort of a cheap story on his part but at least he gave it a mention.

  4. This morning I was going down the same stretch of road at about 7 am and there were more lines in the sky over the mountains and the pink sunrise made them a work of art. It was interesting to see two jets moving north to south leaving real contrails that disappeared as they moved south, above the pink fat lines painted below. I took a picture but haven't downloaded it yet, on the camera it didn't look anything like what I was seeing.

  5. Perhaps you should move back to L.A. Obviously the government is focusing their mind control/climate control just on Humboldt residents.

  6. Anonymous 8:44 pm,
    So the contrails in L.A. are better than the ones here? In what way?

  7. The chemtrails in L.A. are designed to seperate the rich from the poor and keep ethnic groups rounded up in their own neighborhoods. The Humboldt chemtrails are focusing on left wing activists and marijuana eradication. In Iowa, the chemtrails are placing mind control chemicals in the corn and soy beans. That Dick Cheney is a crafty guy and Obama is in on it but only in disguise. Barack Obama is really George Bush. Have you ever seen them together in the same place? The purpose? Gold stored on Mars.


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