Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slow Down And Watch For Hail

At about 12:30 this afternoon, the skies opened up near Little River State Beach ( on the north end of Clam Beach) and it hailed so hard that most people on Highway 101 just stopped.

The downpour lasted almost 10 minutes. One vehicle heading south over the Little River bridge lost control and crossed north bound lanes and even passed those to end up on a frontage road across the freeway from the weigh station at Crannel exit. I saw the apparent driver, a woman standing by the little red car with a confused look on herself but she looked to be fine. Not sure about the car, although it looked pretty good considering.

As of about 3 pm this afternoon, Trinidad is a winter wonderland.
I actually had to lock the hubs on my pickup to get up the hill and home.


  1. It's good to lock hubs once in a while and make sure everthing works right. Snow/ice in Trinidad, though??? Darned global warming!

  2. Forgot to mention... It got cold in OC today, too. It dropped from 85F to about 70F with some clouds.

  3. 70F is not cold. Mid 40's was what we had today.
    The stove guy stopped by yesterday. He placed an order for parts today and on Thursday, it's not supposed to hail or rain so that looks like the day I get heat.

  4. You just need to learn to follow the migratory birds...South

  5. It really got cold last night. It dipped int o the 50s! I think it hit 52F!!!

    Ok, time to head south.

  6. No mention of the winter wonderland in Trinidad on Channel 3 news yesterday. Or the T-S (unless I missed it).

    So you get reporter points for best "on-the-spot-" coverage.

    Good photos. Thanks.

  7. Dave, it's amazing what you can accomplish while on vacation. I would have missed this otherwise.

  8. I should have shot a you tube of the guy in a little front wheel drive car trying to get through the intersection. He was just spinning his tires while I was getting still photos.
    That would have required walking over there but the hail was like ball berings ans supper slippery. Some hail were the size of garbanzo beans. Chick peas? Almost marble size.


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