Thursday, April 29, 2010

E-Cigarettes, Watch Where You Buy Them.

On Saturday, I placed my first order for an e-cigarette starter kit. It came Wednesday morning. I still had a half a pack of real cigs but was eager to try out the smokeless cigarette. The were simple to use and I was amazed how much like a real cigarette they were. They contain nicotine so they are satisfying, but the lack of burning leaves and paper leaves the lungs in a much happier state.

There are several companies out there that sell these and some even give one away to get you to try the product. Many of these companies are rip-offs. Some of the free offers are followed by continued slams against the credit card used for shipping, up to 70-dollars a month. Other TV offers have starter kits for about 300-dollars, also a rip-off.

I found the company I bought from through a radio show called Mike Malloy. He had a friend that sells coffee beans that wrote a testimonial of his experience with e-cigarettes. He researched several companies and came up with two that were worth doing business with. Through one of these web sites I obtained my starter kit for under 50 dollars. Of the two companies, one has the best deal on the e-cigarettes and the other has the best selection and price for refills.

The batteries and refills last longer than I thought. I went almost two days on one cartridge. That would be equal to almost two packs of full strength cigarettes. 5 packs are about 9 dollars plus shipping. Order more and they still fit into the same size shipping box and you can save a little. My kit came with Marlboro flavored cartridges and they are o.k. but I don't like Marlboro's as I used to smoke American Spirits. When the first cartridge was getting low, I refilled it with a bottle of 555 flavored liquid that came with the kit and I found the flavor to be much better. There are dozens of flavors from mint, clove, hot chocolate, several tobacco flavors and even Dr.Pepper.

I bought a starter kit for my mom tonight after only trying them for two days. She needs to quit but can't seem to kick the habit. This seems to be the next best thing. No burning leaves or paper, just nicotine. After all, that's what smokers are addicted to, that and the oral fixation and the e-cigarette delivers both.

I am not condoning these for anyone except smokers that have tried to quit and failed. It is worth a try.

The starter kit at about 50-dollars equals about 10 days of buying cigarettes if one smokes about a pack a day.

The refills seem to work out to about 30 to 40 dollars a month after that. You would be saving money and your lungs at the same time. Probably have a lower rate of lung cancer, emphysema, blood clots, heart problems, burn holes in your furniture and clothes and that smell that sticks to everything.

Here's the site that got me started. I should note that the Mike Malloy show and the coffee guy have no connection to and are not making a cent off of e-cigarettes.

Here's the link:

Here's the link for the many flavors.
Here's the link for the e-cigs.

It's not perfect but it is better than smoking.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are The Gulf States And Arizona Ensuring A California Economic Recovery?

The recent oil spill off the coast of Louisiana due to an exploding off shore oil platform is a major disaster looming. The environmental implications of millions of gallons of oil flowing into the sea with no end in sight have fishermen (and women) all over the gulf coast on edge tonight.

The lust for off shore oil profits along the gulf coast may doom the environment as well as the white sand beaches that tourists start flocking to about this time of year. The loss of tourism do to oily beaches could doom the hotel and restaurant industries there for years. This could possible kill thousands of jobs and businesses that rely on the sea food, beaches and tourists to keep them going.

The state of Arizona with the recent signing of the nations most strict immigration laws is chasing away tourists. Several conventions have already been cancelled by groups that no longer find Arizona a desirable place to do business.

This will effect restaurants and hotels in that state.

Sending Mexicans back south may free up some jobs but those may go away anyway because of the perceived police state that no longer sounds tourist friendly.

Both regions are shooting themselves in the foot or the pocket book.

Where can tourists go for long unspoiled beaches, fresh sea food, dairy from happy cows,  loads of world class entertainment, wine and some of the most scenic vistas in the entire world? California!

And here is the kicker...

If you live in one of the other 49 states in the US, you don't even have to bring your birth certificate or passport to have a good time. We expect to see you soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Colleague Says Anthrax Numbers Add Up to Unsolved Case

I said at the time the FBI closed this case that things didn't add up and that was just from the conflicting news stories.  Read this!

Photo from

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wind Damage Takes Local ESPN Radio Off The Air

The San Jose Sharks did win last night in overtime but no one here got the game on radio due to wind damage in Arcata.   The signal goes from our Eureka location to the South G. Street Arcata location where it is put up on to the AM antenna.  Wind broke the steel mounts that hold up the small antenna that picks up the signal from Eureka and passes it through the transmitter in Arcata and up the tower.

I had to climb up on the roof with Mark our engineer to set up a make shift mount for it.  Our design worked pretty good and we got the station back on the air at about 11:20 pm or so.
Sorry Sharks fans, it was an act of god or mother nature if you prefer.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ecological Footprint Larger For Dogs Than An SUV.

From Self Destructive Bastards Blog:
It has been calculated that the average dog has an ecological footprint about twice that of an average SUV. That is, twice the amount of land is needed to produce the resources required for the dog, as compared to the SUV. The average dog also produces about the same carbon emissions as a large car. There are over 70 million dogs in the US, and over 80 million cats. That's a massive environmental impact. The land use required to support our pets is contributing to deforestation and global warming.

Read More

I have cats and a truck or SUV as it may be called. I have to get the truck neutered so it doesn't reproduce.
So long truck nuts.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Godwit Days Opens Today In Arcata Ca.

The Godwit is a coastal marsh bird that that grows to about 18 inches in length, It is tawny brown mottled with black above and barred below. They can be found here in the winter and are often seen on the Texas Gulf Coast and also Florida.

Over 100 field trips will take place all over Humboldt County for the next three days. The Arcata Community Center will officially kick off Godwit Days at 5:00 pm today.

Along with the incredible art work lining the walls, there will be dozens of booths from companies and non profit groups.

Kids activities will take place and everyone can get up and close to raptors such as owls and hawks that will be visiting for the event.  Bring a camera.

There will also be a Godwit Days tribute by Union Street Charter School 3rd and 4th graders at the Arcata Co-op today from 5 to 8  pm in celebration of John Muir's birthday complete with birthday cake.

More info.
Don't have internet?  Call 707-826-7050 or 800-908-9464

Free Fries!

One of my favorite corporate persons, Jack Box, is giving away free  fries tomorrow.  Friday, April 16th. to anyone that shows up. 
There is sure to be a line at the drive thru in Eureka tomorrow.

If I go there I will receive free fries and therefore be offering up free advertising in exchange for fries.  But I would get them anyway.
I like the tacos.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama in dead heat with Ron Paul: Rasmussen poll

Ron Paul is a long-shot for the Republican nomination for president by any standard, but a Rasmussen poll finds him in a statistical tie with President Barack Obama.

The survey, released Wednesday by the conservative-leaning organization, finds Obama edging out Paul by 42 points to 41 in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Eleven percent said they would prefer a different candidate, while 6 percent were undecided.

Rep. Paul (R-TX) has rankled the GOP and conservative establishment with his opposition to its big-spending ways and penchant for war, but has garnered an ardent following of small-government libertarians from across the nation.
(photo from
More at Rawstory.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Due To Doctor Shortage, More Than Half The States Look To Expand Nurses Rolls

This AP story comes on the heels of a local Times-Standard story about Humboldt State University proposing to cut the nursing program. It just doesn't make sense to cut a program that teaches people to do something that is in great demand. I have been told that they will be keeping the philosophy course though.

Maybe we could all sit around and philosophize about having jobs and health care.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chris Parreira at Beachcomber Cafe In Trinidad

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, the Beachcomber Cafe in Trinidad serves dinner and has entertainment. Why? Because what else would you do in Trinidad on one of those nights? The town is in lock down except for Ocean Grove and the Casino. Chris Parreira was playing this Monday as he does the second Monday of the month, and I captured his version of "Sugar and Stone" while people were enjoying some sort of leek and goat cheese lasagna or super thick pork chops on a bed of mixed rice with greens.

Below is the you tube video I caputred of his version of Sugar & Stone.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Frozen Weather-Robots On The Fritz

Tonight while on the computer with the weather channel on, I realized after a while that things weren't right over at the Weather Channel.  The forcecast seemed frozen.  It's as if the robots had gone to sleep.
The screen froze at 9:58 pm local time and was still frozen 45 minutes later. 

As a radio programmer, I have to deal with stuff like this almost every day.  It's frustrating and usually happens when the person that knows what to do is on vacation.

Caveman TV

With the power outage in north county last night, I watched what I call Caveman TV.  Watch:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

High Winds And Power Outages

High winds on the north coast have knocked out power to people from Blue Lake, Fieldbrook all the way to the Trinidad Westhaven area.  PG&E says downed power lines due to the high winds are to blame.  They don't expect power to be restored until 11 PM tonight.  For information on power outages in your area call 1-800-PGE-5000.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Snow

Early this Easter afternoon the rain turned to snow for a bit near Trinidad.  It was cool in more than one way.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


When my propane furnace died a couple of winters ago I thought about the cost of propane ( about 750 to 8- hundred dollars to fill the tank), the cost of a new furnace for a mobile home ( about 12-hundred dollars), and the cost of instillation. Those thoughts kept me cold for a couple of years.

After looking at alternatives, I decided that the modern wood stove was the ticket for me.

I am not disappointed. The essential cost was about the same as going propane but the wood goes a lot further for the dollar than propane.

I hooked up with the main stove dude here in Humboldt Co. for an instillation. Calvin the stoveman. He didn't know I was going to recommend him in my blog so I didn't trade this for discounts. I would recommend him for any work on a wood or pellet stove or even chimney. His knowledge is vast on the subject and he just does stoves. You can choose a guy that does decks and kitchens but I always like to find a specialist when possible. For you cold locals, call  Calvin at 707-786-9212.

Umm! Toasty...

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur