Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Due To Doctor Shortage, More Than Half The States Look To Expand Nurses Rolls

This AP story comes on the heels of a local Times-Standard story about Humboldt State University proposing to cut the nursing program. It just doesn't make sense to cut a program that teaches people to do something that is in great demand. I have been told that they will be keeping the philosophy course though.

Maybe we could all sit around and philosophize about having jobs and health care.


  1. The cut only makes sense if there are enough nursing students to justify keeping the program open.

  2. Pleanty of students and jobs in the field but they want to teach something else.

  3. That's too bad. As you know, I work (among other jobs) at an OC community college. We are always threatened with an axe however the axe only drops for us when enrollment in a course drops below 20 students. If your course gets the axe two semesters in a row, admin starts to look at cutting the program. Supply and demand is how it works down here. What are the CSUH folks smoking??? Don't answer that; it’s Humboldt. ;^)


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