Thursday, April 29, 2010

E-Cigarettes, Watch Where You Buy Them.

On Saturday, I placed my first order for an e-cigarette starter kit. It came Wednesday morning. I still had a half a pack of real cigs but was eager to try out the smokeless cigarette. The were simple to use and I was amazed how much like a real cigarette they were. They contain nicotine so they are satisfying, but the lack of burning leaves and paper leaves the lungs in a much happier state.

There are several companies out there that sell these and some even give one away to get you to try the product. Many of these companies are rip-offs. Some of the free offers are followed by continued slams against the credit card used for shipping, up to 70-dollars a month. Other TV offers have starter kits for about 300-dollars, also a rip-off.

I found the company I bought from through a radio show called Mike Malloy. He had a friend that sells coffee beans that wrote a testimonial of his experience with e-cigarettes. He researched several companies and came up with two that were worth doing business with. Through one of these web sites I obtained my starter kit for under 50 dollars. Of the two companies, one has the best deal on the e-cigarettes and the other has the best selection and price for refills.

The batteries and refills last longer than I thought. I went almost two days on one cartridge. That would be equal to almost two packs of full strength cigarettes. 5 packs are about 9 dollars plus shipping. Order more and they still fit into the same size shipping box and you can save a little. My kit came with Marlboro flavored cartridges and they are o.k. but I don't like Marlboro's as I used to smoke American Spirits. When the first cartridge was getting low, I refilled it with a bottle of 555 flavored liquid that came with the kit and I found the flavor to be much better. There are dozens of flavors from mint, clove, hot chocolate, several tobacco flavors and even Dr.Pepper.

I bought a starter kit for my mom tonight after only trying them for two days. She needs to quit but can't seem to kick the habit. This seems to be the next best thing. No burning leaves or paper, just nicotine. After all, that's what smokers are addicted to, that and the oral fixation and the e-cigarette delivers both.

I am not condoning these for anyone except smokers that have tried to quit and failed. It is worth a try.

The starter kit at about 50-dollars equals about 10 days of buying cigarettes if one smokes about a pack a day.

The refills seem to work out to about 30 to 40 dollars a month after that. You would be saving money and your lungs at the same time. Probably have a lower rate of lung cancer, emphysema, blood clots, heart problems, burn holes in your furniture and clothes and that smell that sticks to everything.

Here's the site that got me started. I should note that the Mike Malloy show and the coffee guy have no connection to and are not making a cent off of e-cigarettes.

Here's the link:

Here's the link for the many flavors.
Here's the link for the e-cigs.

It's not perfect but it is better than smoking.


  1. Tom,
    That is superbly generous of you. I would like to chip in for those, too. We'll talk later.

    Also, you note that "...Mike Malloy show and the coffee guy have no connection to and are not making a cent off of e-cigarettes." Just to make it clear, you didn't get anything in return for your product plug???

  2. Very interesting topic Tom.

    I wasn't aware of these e-cigarettes. They do appear to be an alternative way to cut back some, but it strikes me that theie main selling point is that they cost less money than a regular pack of cigarettes.

    I smoked for 35 years and quit in 2000. The only thing that worked for me was going "cold turkey" and eating Altoids every time I got a craving.
    I admit it was a hellish month before the cravings finally subsided.

    To this day I'm leery of even smelling cigarette smoke and possibly getting that terrible old craving back!

    While there is no burning paper, the niotine itself is the real problem. As you know, there are many chemicals in nicotine that cause cancer.

    I don't mean to put a damper on your post, because it's an excellent topic that should get a lot of input from readers.

  3. Greg, I did not receive any payments, discounts or gratuity for running this post. Just less smoke in my lungs.

    Dave, I didn’t know that nicotine caused several types of cancer. It is true that it will elevate your blood pressure but I was unaware of the cancer angle, I thought that was from the tar and other 4-thousand unknown chemicals that tobacco turns to when it is lit on fire.

  4. So Tom:

    Do you still smoke regular cigarettes?

  5. I have averaged about three real ones a day for the first three days. There are times when others are going out for a smoke like after dinner and I join them. Of course I have to bum the smoke as I haven't bought a pack since Tuesday.

    I decided not to put any pressure on myself since it never worked before. I figured I would let the e cig speak for itself and If I couldn't quit, so what.

    Turns out I am able to stay inside at work for hours at a time without having to have a smoke break.

    My lungs are starting to expel stuff and I breathe better. But this is only after 3 days.

    I want to explore different flavors and have clove coming with my next order. Dr. Pepper sounds like it would be good. I'm not sure how things will turn out but already it's different.
    I have more than a pack of cigarettes in one small stick and don't need a lighter. When I get home to light my wood stove I have to look for my lighter, it's not in my pocket and I haven't seen it all day.

    Vaping is different but I see it as the best alternative to smoking. I can't say I miss smoking real cigarettes but when I do, they aren't tasting as good as they did before.

    This is by far the easiest way to cut your habit from a pack a day to 3 cigarettes I have ever known and so far I am happy for it.

    I will have to do updates on this since there is so little out there on this subject and it is relatively new technology.

  6. You may find this link informative Tom.

    You are right to question if nicotine itself causes cancer. I've read things where they say it doesn't. And I read things like this link that makes me wonder..

  7. Thanks for that

    I've been trying to quit for 30 years...but the allure is long compelling and long consuming. But when I did quit for almost a year some long time ago...I noticed a marked difference in sleeping, appetite and some really nasty stuff worked its way out of me.

    Let's keep the conversation going. I'm going to give it a try.

    Anon for now

  8. Tom

    Would you supply the link...or did I miss it?

  9. Anonymous said, the link is at the bottom of the story. That is to the story that got me to try this. In that story there are two links. One for the cigs and the other for supplies. I have only delt with the cigs company as of yet.

    You can go directly to their site by clicking the headline at the top of the story.

  10. esmoke4you's electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes , electric cigs or electronic cigarettes is the best alternate than electronic cigarette from the market.

  11. Try bubblegum and drinking straws cut to the length of a cigarette. That way you can still smoke something. I smoked for twenty years and it worked. I've been smoke free since July 24th, 2000.

  12. useful topic you chosen thanks for shown your interest.

  13. So Tom

    I got my Blu cigs today. They seem to divert the urge. 1 actual smoke in 8 hrs. How're you doing with it?

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  17. Thanks for the warning about Electronic Cigarettes companies. I've tried numerous brands, and quite a few of them actually work.

    Thanks for the great post.

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  22. In July I will have been nicotine free for two years. E-cigs helped.


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