Monday, April 19, 2010

Ecological Footprint Larger For Dogs Than An SUV.

From Self Destructive Bastards Blog:
It has been calculated that the average dog has an ecological footprint about twice that of an average SUV. That is, twice the amount of land is needed to produce the resources required for the dog, as compared to the SUV. The average dog also produces about the same carbon emissions as a large car. There are over 70 million dogs in the US, and over 80 million cats. That's a massive environmental impact. The land use required to support our pets is contributing to deforestation and global warming.

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I have cats and a truck or SUV as it may be called. I have to get the truck neutered so it doesn't reproduce.
So long truck nuts.


  1. They must not be including the energy used to extract the iron and silica used to make the SUV. Include the mining as well as the freight ships and foreign factories, I would imagine the SUV would be about 1,000 worse than a dog.
    I suppose if were only comparing daily operation of the SUV with none of the oil drilling, foreign government bribery, blood, etc., maybe the SUV isn't as bad as that crap on the lawn...

  2. McKinleyville KrisApril 24, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    And bringing a child into this world trumps both, I'd bet.

  3. And then you buy an SUV to put the child in.
    Good observation McKinleyville Kris.

  4. And then the blog gets taken down or something.

    Self Destructive Bastards blog doesn't work today.
    Chris Lawrence, the author of the blog still has a news site up along with others.


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