Thursday, April 1, 2010


When my propane furnace died a couple of winters ago I thought about the cost of propane ( about 750 to 8- hundred dollars to fill the tank), the cost of a new furnace for a mobile home ( about 12-hundred dollars), and the cost of instillation. Those thoughts kept me cold for a couple of years.

After looking at alternatives, I decided that the modern wood stove was the ticket for me.

I am not disappointed. The essential cost was about the same as going propane but the wood goes a lot further for the dollar than propane.

I hooked up with the main stove dude here in Humboldt Co. for an instillation. Calvin the stoveman. He didn't know I was going to recommend him in my blog so I didn't trade this for discounts. I would recommend him for any work on a wood or pellet stove or even chimney. His knowledge is vast on the subject and he just does stoves. You can choose a guy that does decks and kitchens but I always like to find a specialist when possible. For you cold locals, call  Calvin at 707-786-9212.

Umm! Toasty...


  1. There's a lot of good things to say about wood stoves. Cheaper heating is one. We had a wood stove for many years.

    I once worked as the Senior Editor for "The National Woodstove and Fireplace Journal" a trade publication.
    Got mugged in a national trade show in Minneasota (Fall 1980)by Security assholes who thought I was threatening George Bush when I bumped into him outside of the men's bathroom!
    The bastards slammed me up against a wall. Patted me down. Made sure Bush was well down the hallway and then let me go. They never said a word. No apology. Nada. There were several witnesses, but when I asked them if they saw what happened to me - they walked away.

    I have one warning about wood stoves:

    Don't put plastic things (such as a portable radios) on top of the stove when it's cold (thinking you'll take it off before a fire is lit) - because eventually it will be lit and your plastic object will drool down onto the glass! It could happen.

    Not that I ever had that happen to me mind you...

  2. Oh yeah...did I mention that Dubya was Reagan's running mate for the Republican Party that year (1980)when I bumped into the asshole?

    If I knew that was going to be my only chance to have physical contact with him I might have bumped him a little harder! The beating afterward would have been worth it.

  3. In Gold Beach, Or. the bulk propane company charged a dollar a gallon extra to deliver. I put in two 7 gallon tanks for my stove and water heater so I can fill them. I like small electric heaters. Wood would take up too much room in my one bedroom mobile, though there is plenty of driftwood on the beach.

  4. George Bush was coming out of the Larry Craig Memorial MENS Room? I thought he was partial to little boys.

  5. Calvin checked out my chimney awhile ago. He was thorough and honest. Glad you got your heat back!

  6. Nice picture. Looks very good, and especially on a cold, wet day like today.


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