Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama in dead heat with Ron Paul: Rasmussen poll

Ron Paul is a long-shot for the Republican nomination for president by any standard, but a Rasmussen poll finds him in a statistical tie with President Barack Obama.

The survey, released Wednesday by the conservative-leaning organization, finds Obama edging out Paul by 42 points to 41 in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Eleven percent said they would prefer a different candidate, while 6 percent were undecided.

Rep. Paul (R-TX) has rankled the GOP and conservative establishment with his opposition to its big-spending ways and penchant for war, but has garnered an ardent following of small-government libertarians from across the nation.
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  1. The more I hear about RP, the more I like him.

  2. Actually, I found it a nice surprise that Ron does better than any other republican against Obama. The republicans will never run him though. He isn't under their control.

    The local Tea Party sent me an email saying that they didn't endorse Paul because he was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan That makes them pro war. Consider that if you take out Social Security, which is currently funded through a separate income tax, 53 percent of federal taxes paid by US residents goes to the military. That and the fact that Obama lowered income taxes on individuals 179 billion dollars in 2009, makes the Tea Party arguments about taxes moot. They wont support those that would lower them.

    In my opinion, they are uninformed and counter productive to their own well being.
    Sad silly lot most of them.

  3. Wait till RP's admirers digest the fact that he doesn't believe in evolution. He's a nut case in better disguise than most.

  4. Really? He thinks the world is 6-thousand years old like people in the bible belt?

  5. evolution is written by jewish communists who run the government via aipac and the federal reserve.

    white power!


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