Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wind Damage Takes Local ESPN Radio Off The Air

The San Jose Sharks did win last night in overtime but no one here got the game on radio due to wind damage in Arcata.   The signal goes from our Eureka location to the South G. Street Arcata location where it is put up on to the AM antenna.  Wind broke the steel mounts that hold up the small antenna that picks up the signal from Eureka and passes it through the transmitter in Arcata and up the tower.

I had to climb up on the roof with Mark our engineer to set up a make shift mount for it.  Our design worked pretty good and we got the station back on the air at about 11:20 pm or so.
Sorry Sharks fans, it was an act of god or mother nature if you prefer.


  1. I can just imagine local Sharks fans nearly fainting. If they had lost...well let's not think about that now.

  2. They have to win two more to make it to the next round.

  3. Seems like you have all the fun Tom.


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