Tuesday, May 4, 2010

E-Cigarette Update from Bob Alexander

The guy that started this for me on the Mike Malloy show sent me a survey to fill out about my experience.
At the end of the survey Bob Alexander had this to post so I thought I would share it with you.

Reputable e-cigarette vendors do not describe an e-cig as a “smoking cessation device.” FDA approval is needed in order to say that. And I assume there are numerous hoops, hassles, and who knows what else to get FDA approval. That’s why e-cigs are marketed as an alternative to smoking.

But what I’ve noticed, in the friends and family members I’ve turned on to e-cigs, they’ve all used e-cigarettes to completely stop smoking. So even though e-cig vendors can’t say it … we can:

E-cigarettes are the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking.
I didn’t say it. Dr Clifford Hulley of South Africa did.


E-ciggies help 45% smokers quit

Cape Town - Forty-five percent of South African smokers who used e-cigarettes were able to quit tobacco smoking within two months, a new SA study shows.

… When asked if an e-cigarette could act as an agent to overcome all the physical and psychological challenges to quit tobacco smoking, all doctors said "yes".

Prof Martin Veller, Head Vascular Surgeon at the University of the Witwatersrand, who also participated in the project, added that e-cigarettes have the appearance of normal tobacco cigarettes but are non-toxic.
Dr Clifford Hulley, one of the participating medical professionals in the survey, reported that "an e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking.”
(I think if they used a better model of e-cig they probably would have had a higher success rate.)

The bottom line here is Harm Reduction. E-cigarettes are “two to three orders of magnitude safer (100 to 1000 times safer) than a tobacco cigarette.”


We all know what the long-term effects of smoking cigarettes are.
We know from the New Zealand study, medical professionals, and from users, that e-cigs are essentially harmless.

So why is the FDA, and all these other groups trying to ban them?
The American Academy of Pediatrics
The American Cancer Society
Cancer Action Network
The American Heart Association
The American Legacy Foundation, develops programs that address the health effects of tobacco use.
The American Lung Association
The American Medical Association
The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
and Public Citizen, Public Citizen has long been active before Congress, regulatory agencies, and the courts in matters relating to public health in general and regulation by the FDA in particular. Concerned about the severe health risk posed by tobacco products. Public Citizen has long advocated for increased regulation of these products and of the promotional efforts of the tobacco industry.

With your help … the results of this informal survey … I intend to find out.


Bob Alexander


Toll-Free 1-866-394-9571


  1. Bob- the answer is money. No common sense, just a lot of dollars and cents. Big Pharma and Big Tobacco HATE the e-cig industry. Their sales are suffering. They line the pockets of politicians and get them on their side quickly (either support us or your donations dry up). Also they threaten the dollar-starved states that their revenue will decrease if e-cigs are substituted for the real thing (no taxes). Pfizer, who makes Chantix, a stop smoking drug that has been responsible for numerous suicide deaths, BUT IS FDA approved, is a big contributor to ASH, who sends out propaganda daily against e-cig companies, but not one mention about Pfizer. Once a drug is made, big pharma often makes a 99% profit off that drug. When sales go down, it affects their bottom-line so they are not afraid to throw millions of dollars to try and shut down an industry that is helping people. Are all e-cig companies reputable. NO! Most just work out a deal with a company i China, slap their name on the product that is produced and they call themselves a manufacturer. That is bunk! Ask the companies if they have liability insurance. I think only two companies (Njoy {they are not a manufacturer tho} and Freedom Smokeless) have insurance. After July, 2009, no more policies were underwritten (due to nicotine). Do your homework before you buy this great product.

  2. We've actually made a list of all the funding going from pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the nicotine cessation aids to those organisations campaigning against the electronic cigarette. You can see it here: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/campaign/anti-e-cig-campaign-funding.html

  3. 7 plus years of hazardous conventional tobacco smoking until I was introduced to an electronic cig. Truely a miracle this amazing smoking device has helped me quit smoking traditionall cigarettes for good!!!

  4. I have heard that with the continuous use of the electronic cigarettes, one can quit smoking and can have low risk for diseases like cancer and heart diseases. I hope lot of people will love to use these electronic cigarettes instead of other available cigarettes in the market.

  5. Electronic Cigarettes have revolutionized the nicotine replacement industry, Tests have proven that it is a safe and effective alternate to nicotine and is 100% safe.
    Electronic Cigarettes do not produce smoke, instead they vaporize a liquid containing nicotine to mimic smoke. This is a 100% safe method of nicotine intake without the thousands of toxic chemicals that you inhale in a cigarette.

    You may find this link informative.

  6. One thing I can say is : that my kids were always getting on me about smoking every time I would light up they would start coughing,covering their faces and constantly trying to find ways to get me to stop.
    But since I've started smoking the E cigarette they love it cause there's no smell or lingering smoke which makes my kids and friends who don't smoke happy cause they know I'm not harming myself and them with second hand smoke . now I can puff away not feeling the gult I use to feel.

  7. The batteries and refills last longer than I thought. I went almost two days on one cartridge. That would be equal to almost two packs of full strength cigarettes. 5 packs are about 9 dollars plus shipping. Order more and they still fit into the same size shipping box and you can save a little. My kit came with Marlboro flavored cartridges and they are o.k. but I don't like Marlboro's as I used to smoke American Spirits.

  8. My personal experience with e cigarettes is that they do help to reduce smoking. As everything - not working for all, it's worth trying.

  9. Though E-cigarettes are alternative to tobacco cigarettes but still they are satisfying.

  10. Money and politics.. well mostly money. I totally agree with anonymous. Its all about overpowering a company that actually helps with their political influences. Since they can't tax it, they can't make drugs that cure any disease because of it, and the tobacco companies are losing sales because of it.. all of them just crack down on the e cigarette industry. They fake lab results, make outstanding claims they can't prove and release propaganda everywhere against it because they are hurting for more money. The people who's health has improved and stopped smoking means nothing to them. The government has gone to an all time low.

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  12. FDA approved chantix (latest smoking cessation pill) leads you to Smoking free healthy life. The Best possible way to quit smoking for clean and healthy world.

  13. Maybe this is the solution to my problem. I'm a chain smoker and my girlfriend wants me to quit smoking but I know this process will take some time.
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  16. e-cig reviews are done by people who sell e-cigs. The highest reviewed product is the one that pays them the most to sell it (affiliate marketers). You can't believe everything you read!

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  18. Nicotine gum is another popular option that has been around a long time. It works the same way as the patch, but the nicotine is released into the bloodstream, as it is chewed. Although this is considered a very effective way to quit smoking, many people are becoming addicted to the gum instead of cigarettes. Also, the cost of the package of this resin can cost, if not more than a pack of cigarettes.

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  19. I don't know if anybody posting is being paid to post but I haven't decided to quit just yet. I still have my ecigs for concerts where smoking is prohibited or on a plane in the bathroom. It won't set off the smoke detector or leave a smell that would be more than an airline bathroom itself.
    When I do get serious. I'll get a couple more batteries. The cartrages are cheaper than real smoking.

  20. Oh yeah, I wasn't paid or given any free stuff or discounts. Just trying the stuff out myself.

  21. Vaping, via an Electronic Cigarette is a great alternative to smoking real cigarettes. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience, I'm trying to convince my mom to switch over.

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  26. I have been nicotine free for over a year now. I decided to quit smoking and even gave away the e-cigs I had to a friend that wanted to quit. My advice if you want to quit is to change brands. Most people smoke Marlboro or Camels and those two brands have so much stuff that is not tobacco in them that they are almost impossible to quit. I suggest switching to American Spirits and even the organic ones if you can possibly afford them. After being on these for several months and getting over all of the chemicals that the other big brands have you addicted to, you will find it much easier to stop. I did use the e-cigs twice after I quit. Once about 10 days into my quitting when I just broke down and was about to go buy a pack. Then I remembered the e-cigs I had. I didn't know where they were so I was in my driveway in the middle of the night looking under the seat of my truck where stuff likes to hide. There I found one and it was still charged. I took a few puffs and didn't have to go to the store. About a week later I did the same. Just a couple of puffs on the e-cig was so much better than starting smoking again. I felt a small amount of guilt but quickly got over that when I realized I was really quitting smoking. About a month after I quit I gave them away and have not looked back.

    I have to give credit to Dave Berman at Manifest Positivity blog. He does NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I went to two courses and that was it. It might help you too. http://manifestpositivity.com/

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  28. I am still tobacco free. Thanks to Dave and these electronic cigs. I haven't picked up even an electronic cigarette since the two weeks after I quit but I did use them twice in the first two weeks when most of us are weakest. I would still say they are better than smoking by a long shot but it is better if you just quit all together.

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