Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pat Higgins Response To Ryan Sundbergs Refusal To Do 5th District Debate On KHUM

*Pat Higgins' Statement Regarding Fifth District Supervisors Debate on KHUM*

Pat Higgins, Candidate for Fifth District Supervisor, is gladly accepting the invitation to join a live radio forum on KHUM, a Lost Coast Communications station. "I welcome any opportunity to debate any time, anywhere" said Higgins. The program will air live on May 20 at 6 PM.

I am not concerned that the station is owned by one of my challengers because they have brought in a third party to host the show" Mr. Higgins stated. "It is good to see the number of events this year being broadcast on public radio and TV stations, on Access Humboldt and, in this case, a privately owned radio station. Public debates help offset the influence of unlimited paid advertising during elections. Political advertising too often resorts to sloganeering instead of presenting substantive ideas and fundraising needed to support it makes candidates beholden to special interests."

Higgins said that he is also looking forward to the KEET TV debate on May 12 at 7 PM. He reminds voters that they can visit his website www.pathiggins.org to link to the April 26 Azalea Hall debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Healthy Humboldt Coalition. Also available from the website is a link to the April 29 KHSU Thursday Night Talk debate among three of the candidates for Fifth District Supervisor.

You may call Pat Higgins at 822-9428 for further information about the Fifth District Supervisor debates or the issues facing the District.

I made the suggestion that the debate be fed to all stations from Access Humboldt (on the North Coast Journal Blog) in response to Ryan Sundberg's fear of a conflict of interest due to KHUM being owned by Patrick Cleary also running for 5th district supervisor. Cleary said he would be interested in having KGOE broadcast the debate with Jack Durham of the McKinleyville Press as the moderator. The third party moderator and our broadcast from a stream provided by Access Humboldt would allow any station in the market to also broadcast the debate including KHUM. If a more neutral location is needed we could possibly use the kgoe studios but might need equipment from khum to get the signal out to the masses.

If Ryan Sundberg, Jeffrey Lytle and Access Humboldt would agree to this, I will do my best to make it happen. This should appease Mr. Sundberg and his perceived conflict of interest due to a KHUM only debate. It should be noted again that even if this doesn't happen, the KHUM debate would not be moderated by anyone working for KHUM.

Higgins and Cleary are on board. Anyone else?


  1. Access Humboldt is on board with moving the May 20th debate. They would produce the debate at their offices (audio only) and allow any radio station to pick up the feed. KGOE would carry it.
    Both Higgins and Cleary are on board with this. I put in a call to Ryan Sundberg and had to leave a message. I hope he gets back to me.
    Jeffrey Lytle is not in the at&t phone book but he seems up to just about anything. If anyone knows where to find him, let me know.

    Ryan, it's up to you! Call me!

  2. Ryan Sundberg couldn't do the 20th and that means trying to coordinate all these people for another date. It would have been easy to move everyone to another location but to do that on another day is too problematic. I tried. Thanks to everyone for entertaining this idea to ensure everyone would be at the debate. Oh well, KHUM it is and 3 out of 4 candidates isn't bad.

    Looks like I now have that night off.


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