Thursday, May 6, 2010

Russian paper suggests ‘nuclear explosion’ could cap gulf oil geyser


As British Petroleum scrambles to affix a four-story, 70-ton dome over the massive oil geyser venting toxic sludge into the Gulf of Mexico, people everywhere are wondering what else can be done to stem the deadly tide.

Komsomoloskaya Pravda, Russia's best-selling daily publication, has an idea: Why not just nuke it?

During the Soviet years, Russia's communists had to deal with numerous oil disasters and on five different occasions they employed controlled, underground nuclear blasts to quickly solve the problem.
[The] underground explosion moves the rock, presses on it, and, in essence, squeezes the well’s channel," Pracda reported.

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  1. Buy those Russkies don't give up do they? They couldn't nuke us during the Cold War, so now they're trying to talk us into nuking ourselves!

    There's a certain symmetary to it when you think about it.

    Then again, they could be well-meaning (pun intended)and they don't feel a little nuke here or there is anything to be concerned about.

  2. Somehow this just doesn't feel like the least invasive solution...

    I vote we keep working on the boxes idea.

  3. kymk, I agree with trying the box idea. It may fail however, and then what do we do? This is one extreme option. Other than the box, I haven't heard of any better solutions.

    I hope the box works.

  4. Bruce Willis and his big box failed. Time to call in the Russians and nuke this bastard.
    These are red states were talking about here. They won't mind one little nuke going off in their neighborhood.


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