Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unbiased Opinion

I don't usually do CD reviews but every now and then something comes along and I feel like I have to share it with everyone. That's what happened when I found a copy of Eldin Green's new CD called " Unbiased Opinion".

Thirteen songs all in one place that just sound Humboldt. From the first song "Come On Jane" with a Todd Rundgren sort of pop sound to the funky jazzy blues sound of "Buh-bang" cut number 2, you are hooked to find out what could come next.

Track 7, "Humboldt Honey" is spot on about a cool hippie chick that hangs at the plaza eating a "whole wheat 18 grain bagel and it actually has some acorn in it, I actually made the cream cheese myself but it's not really cream cheese you's tofu and mayonnaise because I'm a vegan and I don't believe in cream cheese"
You have to hear it in her voice.

Cut 10 is called "Incredible" and I think that it is. The melodic jazzy piano and deep pocket bass just make this song the perfect love song.

Cut 13, "Stuck In The Loop" is also a sultry bluesy jazzy number that just gets under your skin.

The entire CD can be listened to at Humboldt

Eldin Green plays guitars, saxophone, bass, keys and does vocals. He plays in the local super band "Dr. Squid" In addition to Eldin, two other members of Dr. Squid are on this solo album, Bob Martinez on drums and Jim Dale on bass.

If you like Steely Dan meets Todd Rundgren with a Humboldt feel, check out the album for free at the link and then I suggest you get the CD.

This is defiantly the CD to have on during your back yard parties this Summer.


  1. Good review. I might check it out.

    Question: how can I get that wonderful widget you have tracking the oil spill? It's perfect.

  2. Dave, I found that at one of the PBS websites.
    I can't remember which one but that should be enough info to find it.


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