Friday, June 25, 2010

BP, Corporate Felons on Probation.

BP has been on probation. They were convicted of a Felony Offence in 2007. Since then they have violated their probation by breaking the law.

Last year alone BP was fined 760 times for safety violations from OSHA. That's breaking the law more than twice a day. They have been on probation since October 25th 2007 and will be off probation this October.

What good is probation for a corporation if law enforcement isn't a part of the equation. If you or I were on probation and were cited for breaking the law more than twice a day for a year, you can bet we would not be allowed to carry on as usual.

Why do we afford a special privilege to corporate persons that we do not allow for real human beings. I mean, if I killed 11 men on a boat in the gulf because I failed to follow normal procedures because I wanted to hurry and get back to shore, and their deaths were the direct cause of my actions, I would be on trial for murder or manslaughter.

We need to hold the CEO's of corporations that willfully disobey the law and cause harm to others while already on probation to the same standard we would hold any regular person, corporate person or not.

We should tell congress to pass a law that would put these compulsive law breakers behind bars!

Same goes for a drug company that allows a virus or other bug to escape into the population hoping to sell the cure, or a coal mine owner that repeatedly violates safety laws that results in the death of a miner.

There are more examples but until we get the courts, regulators, attorney's general or politicians to fund enforcement, we are doomed to repeat the BP spill and other crimes against humanity.

Write your congress person and tell them to not support corporate felons!
Sign the pettition at: Project.End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. Move to Amend.


  1. Why not fine BP via the Clean Water Act @ thousands of dollars a barrel, and use the money to start getting the nation off the grid? Nothing gets a "corporate person" like hitting them where it hurts! Otherwise, they just scapegoat some top level employee and proceed with business as usual, like the Alaska spill. It's passed time to go green with solar, wind and wave energy etc. Time to create green jobs. Otherwise, the "opportunity" brought on by this disaster will be in vain. No time to waste. Just say "No" to OIL!

  2. Thanks for the link Tom.

    I agree with you 100%

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  4. The link at the top of the story was removed. It originally linked to the court PDF but I can't find it today. I had to link it to another blog. I think I may have struck a nerve with someone somewhere.
    When you Google BP on probation, my blog is at the top of the first page.

  5. This blog was at the top but now as of 4:30 pm it is nowhere on the top 20 pages. Amazin how fast you can go from number one to off the charts.

  6. local blog Moviedad has a robotic link to this story and it says it was posted 1 week ago. I posted it early this morning.


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