Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Madaket!

The jewel of Humboldt Bay celebrates a birthday.The Madaket turns 100 years old today and is celebrating with a ceremony and special cruises. Originally built to ferry workers from the north spit to Eureka during the lumber big lumber years, the Madaket was one of several passenger boats that used to cruise the waters of Humboldt Bay Ca.

The wooden boat was in operation until 3 bridges were built to link Eureka with the town of Samoa on the north spit of the bay in 1972.

The Madaket was taken out of commission and sold and returned to service as a tourist boat with cocktail cruises. The Madaket was purchased by the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum in 1983 and underwent an extensive rebuild in 1989.

Operated by Dalene and Leroy Zerlang she continues to offer Champaign and cocktails cruises every summer and is home to the states smallest legally licensed cocktail lounge.

For a list of prices and times of cruises click The Madaket.
Or call 707-445-1910

Above is a view of Humboldt Bay from the deck of the Madaket.


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