Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If We Voted Based On Political Signs

I make no bones about who I would like to see win the race for 5th. District Supervisor, Patrick Higgins.
I think that he is the most qualified person in the running.
That said, if I voted for candidates based on political signs and nothing else, I would be in the Jeffrey Lytle camp.
This has to be the best political sign in the 5th. District.

I share some of the frustration Mr. Lytle has with a rigged system. Although it isn't always the case, those with the most money usually win. Lytle isn't taking any campaign money so he wouldn't have to return any favors should he win.

The Times-Standard which is owned mostly by Bank of America due to a bankruptcy, has endorsed Patrick Cleary. The Times-Standard says that Patrick Higgins has too many side issues what ever that means. I think it comes down to ideas and good communication skills and both Cleary and Higgins seem to be better at communicating their ideas than Sundburg and Lytle. Sundburg either has few ideas or is afraid to articulate them and Lytle doesn't seem to care what people think because he believes in his convictions.

It's only a week away from the election and we all have to make a choice. Follow your conscience and follow the money. Make an informed decision and don't let the system get you down. The so called system has less influence on local elections than it has on a national scale. I think that it all boils down to how you see Humboldt County and the 5th. District in the future and the quality of life you expect to achieve and which candidate would best represent you in that futuristic vision. For me the choice is clear, Patrick Higgins represents the best choice for the world I want to live in even if he doesn't have the best sign or the most financial backing.


  1. I really hate elections, especially when the signs pop up like fungus growths everywhere you look.

    The clincher is when the elections are over those stupid signs often stay up for weeks and months afterward.They're environmental blights no matter how you look at them.

  2. Higgins, give it a break. Pat is not stable. I have sat in meetings with him where he exploded and went raving because someone disagreed with his opinion. He never ran a successful business. Even now he is a subcontractor for someone else. If the audio video business was doing so great why did he go back to school(which he did not finish) and get a job.

    Jeff would be a better choice.


  3. Signs serve one purpose: to stroke the ego of the candidates whose name is on the sign and strike fear into the campaigns of opponents.

    Signs don't mean a lot, but they can help if they are located properly. Signs in front yards, business windows, etc. help candidates. If your neighbor has a sign, you might talk to them about the race and decide you do or don't like the candidate more or less. The signs stuck to construction fences and right-of-way fences are nothing more than blight. Only those signs which have ownership (meaning they are in yards or businesses) have credibility. That shows real support, which really means "here comes the band wagon, who's on board?"

    Three years ago, I had no idea just how dirty local elections got. It is ugly. Nevertheless, it is part of the vetting process to see who will fold under pressure. The lies tend to be thick from establishment sources like public employee unions and political parties. You almost never hear a candidate in a local election lob a political grenade. They usually rely on those independent expenditures from political action committees.

    Anonymous has attempted a character assassination. They don't offer up any reason not to vote for Higgins, just a lot of noise. Without factual details, we must disregard the noise and move forward.

    Until you get hands-on with a local campaign and attend all of the rallies, precinct walks, etc., it is hard to get a feel for who is fighting the good fight in a fair manner. And even then, buyer beware!

  4. Hello everyone,

    I actually think the "write-up" is fairly well done. I do understand that Mr. Higgins is the preferred candidate for Mr. Seaborne - and that is fine. IF Pat Higgins were supervisor, I believe he would do an admirable job, just as I feel Mr. Sundberg would or Mr. Cleary would or I would. It is just that out of all the candidates, I truly believe I will be the most transparent supervisor in the history of Humboldt County, period.

    I would however ask politely if you ever have a concern over any of my thoughts, please ask me. I understand why I am labeled as a person who does not care what other people think (politics and positioning for votes). Quite the contrary actually. Anyhow, let time and space act accordingly. I'll continue to chugalug ahead and hopefully whomever is the new supervisor, will be receptive to accepting dialogue from whoever and whomever in the community.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville - 5th District

  5. Mr. Lytle, some people don't get you but I have a lot of respect for your knowledge of local issues and how the system works. You seem to spend a lot of time following the local issues and make many good arguments. We'll have to get together sometime and try to solve all the worlds problems.

    I think that you have run a respectable campaign and wish you luck on Tuesday.
    I also think that other than Deff Leopard running in the fourth district, you have the best campaign sign.

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