Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exclusive: Poll Tapes, Other Evidence Discovered Missing in Long-Disputed Arizona Election

The Bradblog has once again discovered that electronic voting machines cannot be trusted.

Material sought by Election Integrity advocates from Pima County's 2006 RTA election no longer in 'secured' facility

AZ AG Terry Goddard failed to examine evidence during his criminal investigation hand-count of ballots last year...

- Special investigative report by Brad Friedman, The BRAD BLOG

Excerpt from story:
"After many years of litigation, Election Integrity advocates have now finally been allowed to review the long sought-after poll tapes in question. What they've discovered is disturbing and, so far, without legitimate explanation.

Out of 368 precincts, 112 poll tapes are completely missing. Moreover, 102 of the "yellow sheets" --- certified precinct reports, signed by poll workers, detailing corresponding summary information, such as numbers of ballots received, cast and spoiled, as helpful for important auditing functions at the precinct level --- are missing as well.

Furthermore, of the poll tape records that are not missing, 50 of them do not match the results as recorded in the final canvas of the election, according to the Election Integrity advocates who have compared them to the original electronic database numbers."

Arizona is making things up as they go along.  Please read the entire story at bradblog


  1. The local Transparency Project discovered glitches in Humboldt County elections that effected elections across the country. See:

  2. When I first heard about electronic voting machines I knew we were on the road to no accountability.
    Too many bad things happen with computers and the people who play with them are cheating real voters. This has been going on for years, yet Diabold continues to make their nefarious machines and get away with trashing our whole system of voting.

  3. People, mostly the computer gaming generation, take voting for granted. In my opinion, it should be a national holiday (or local holiday for local elections) so that EVERYONE has NOTHING to do except vote until the polls are closed. It might encourage the ACORNers to visit a few extra precincts but that influence and crime is much easier detected because there would be EVIDENCE of a vote whether legal or illegal.

  4. ACORN+ Crimes? Not according to the GAO and the Attorney general of California. Of course those that watch Fox News would not know that ACORN was exonerated of any wrong doing. In fact, the so called pimp ( O'Keefe), that got an illegal video tape of an ACORN employee trying to get information for a loan is being sued by the ACORN employee. That employee called the police after the interview that was only partially shown on most media outlets. The entire video tape shows a different story. Maybe you were talking about the registration cards that were purged by ACORN. It is their duty to purge any voter registration cards that have obviously made up names on them such as Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter.
    Stop watching Fox News! They have been given the right to lie by the Florida Supreme Court. Just watch the movie “Out Foxed”

    As for the idea of a holiday for voting day, I agree with you. That is a good idea.

  5. Tom,
    You must have forgotten that I don't have cable, satellite, or any other conduit to watch Fox News. I watch their local affiliate (channel 11) for the network TV shows but not news. I stopped going to when I started getting slammed with viruses, placed there by ????? Now it's for my online newsfeed (no viruses yet) and whatever shows up on my local broadcast at home. If anyone flies anything into a building, I'll hear about it.

    IMHO, each of us should have to show ID and place a thumb print next to our name on the precinct role. Then, cast a paper ballot. Those steps would help deter some voter fraud.

  6. Glad to hear you don't have cable or satellite for Fox News. You only have to put up with Rush, Hanity, Beck and O'Reilly on the radio. By the way, CBS also has a radio network called Hear BS. ( just kidding}

    Just checking an ID would seem to suffice to weed out the few people that try to cast votes as someone else. I'm not sure there is a lot of evidence to show that many people do that. It is a Federal Offense.

    There is a problem with people being registered to vote in more than one precinct. Many wealthier people have two or more homes and are registered to vote in multiple locations. This allows for fraud if they want to travel to each home location on election day. It would be a lot of trouble for most people. I don't think that is a big problem either. Machines that cannot be verified offer much more to those that would cause fraud. Why do voter fraud, one vote at a time when you can do election fraud, one election at a time? Those that focus on voter fraud should arrest Ann Coulter because she voted in the wrong precinct and is registered in more than one. No, that's not right but it's not going to throw an election.

    Even consider if you would, that an entire ethnic group were to organize, say Latinos. They could all use fake ID's and take the chance of getting caught and having to spend time in a Federal Prison.
    That could be a problem but only for democrats because Latinos vote mostly conservative.

    I think the big problem is counting the votes. Who ever counts the votes and does it in secret or with secret proprietary software can throw an entire election and it has been proven that it could happen. See


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