Monday, July 26, 2010

Recreational fishing, property rights, and business throughout California are at risk!

What the MLPA stands to do to local ocean sport fishing, the California Department of Fish and Game are about to do for fresh water fishing.

Introducing Bio 240.  A regulation imposed on the DFG by a judge to mitigate the spread of Quagga Mussels.  According to, the Quagga Mussel infestation started in the Great Lakes and has spread from there to the entire United States.  The solution?  Make the owners of any fresh water lake pond,  or stream, pay for expensive environmental testing that is currently not even offered in this state if they want to stock fish.  Aquaculture businesses that grow fish for eating and stocking will also have to pay for the expensive regulations.

According to savecalfishing, an EIR done by DFG names every specie of frogs, birds, plants, fish, amphibians & reptiles, most of which are not endangered, that could be present at a pond, lake or stream.  Because many of these 80 species are wide spread through out the State, it is doubtful any body of water will be free of every single specie.

THe EIR names 35 diseases, that could be at hatcheries, that may have an adverse effect on frogs, birds, plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles and 7 invasive species, such as mussels and aquatic plants.  The DFG admits many of these diseases and invasive species are wide spread throughout California and it is doubtful any fish hatchery is free of every single disease and invasive species that could have an effect on frogs, amphibans, etc.

This will undoubtly include every pond, lake, stream and hatchery in the State.  It is very likely that no hatchery will be able to stock fish.  No body of water will be able to get a permit to stock. 
The deadline to get your tests sent out of state for testing  your pond, lake or stream is September 2nd. 2010.
Phase 2 that goes after the hatcheries and aquaculture facilities starts on December 2nd. 2010.

Call your Congressman, State Senator or local Assembly person and let them know the ramifications of this overbearing decision by a judge, not scientists.
Read more at: California Association For Recreational Fishing.


  1. Tom, I cannot get the word out loud enough: THIS WILL DESTROY CALIFORNIA'S FRESHWATER FISHING INDUSTRY! It will cost thousands of jobs and there just isn't any evidence for the extreme measures being called for. The State will lose out on more than $43 million dollars in lost revenue from fishing license at a time when our state workers are already earning the federal minimum wage. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

  2. I heard about this at my bait & tackle. Its for real.

  3. Do you know if the fish police are allowing fishing on the Eel near Avenue of the Giants? I was going to take the kids down there but maybe we'll just do something else.

  4. ANonymous, you have to check the fresh water fishing regulations for each body of water.
    You can get a free copy where you get your license. Big 5 also has them.


  6. The fishing industry is under attack. See Rose's blog

  7. I am going to test my pond and i 'll try to submit my report as soon as possible.


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