Thursday, July 15, 2010

Secret Food Spot: The Trailer

As someone that grew up in the restaurant business, I am actually somewhat qualified to write about food.

My parents owned two restaurants and my mom did catering as a full time business for decades.
I even worked as a bus boy in a 5 star restaurant in So. Cal. for several months when I was much younger. I like fancy food as much as good old comfort food. My tastes have changed over the years and I have gotten a bit more experimental with my cooking and am more likely to try something different.

But there are certain staples in my life. The taco is my all time favorite food, followed by a good cheeseburger.  I'll eat almost any style of taco and usually like it.  On the other hand, I hate getting a cheeseburger from a place that pulls it out of an insert on the steam table and then puts it in the microwave before serving it. When I can get a good burger off the grill or broiler, I am a happy guy.

A close friend at work told me about a new burger joint called The Trailer. It's usually in front of WinCo from about 8 am to about 2 in the afternoon. It has been at the Eureka Summer Concert Series on the Old Town Boardwalk for the last three Thursday nights. I have found a great, made to order, topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and onions and all the rest for about four bucks and tax. If you love a simple,slightly greasy, old fashioned cheeseburger, you have to check it out!

Jon is the owner of The Trailer and he has been in the restaurant business for years and has recently relocated to Eureka from New Zealand. I am told that the batter fries are to die for. He offers a chicken sandwich, hot or chili dog, chili fries, Philly cheese steak and breakfast.

Funny thing is, the trailer graphic says tacos. I have to say, if he had tacos, I might not have been able to tell you about the great Cheeseburgers.  I await his version of a taco with anticipation.

He says he can be booked for special events at 707-499-7146

Disclaimer: While I didn't receive any gratuity for writing this, I did get to try his Philly cheese steak when the guy at work brought one in for me. I consider this posting more of a side effect rather than a direct effect of the cheese steak since the cheese burgers are what really got me.


  1. I've noticed that trailer recently and have thought about trying it out. It looks like I'm going to have to try this guy's burgers after reading your post.

    In Mack Town we use to have a guy (Tony) who cooked the best hamburgers in the county (in my opinion) from his roach coach at the Ace parking lot.

    Sadly, he's moved on. I heard he's working for some fancy restaurant in Eureka now.

  2. Do you think he is willing to travel south, as in OC?

  3. The Trailer 'guy' Jon says....Hey Tom, thanks so much for a great blog!!!

    The Trailer will travel anywhere for a good event/crowd!

    Check The Trailer out at the Fortuna Ace Hardware this Saturday from noon during the Fortuna Rodeo Parade.
    By the way.....tacos and burritos are coming....
    Follow The Trailer on facebook - The Trailer!
    Thanks again!

  4. That's a long drive to OC. He did just add tacos and I had one made from the same steak he uses for his Philly Cheese Steak. Melts in your mouth. You can also get chicken or chili.

  5. That's pretty unfortunate considering the truck speed in Ohio is only 55-mph and the enforcement for truck drivers is so intensive, many simple avoid the state all together as they haul freight coast to coast.


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