Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ted Nugent Is A Friggin' Idiot!

Ted Nugent calls Africa a ‘country’, quotes MLK to defend Tea Party

I had always suspected it but he has removed any doubt I may have had.

( photo and story from Rawstory.com)

While I still think Ted is an idiot, I just learned that we have something besides music  and meat in common.  Neither of us has  ever served in the military!


  1. Ted wouldn't be my first pick as Secretary of State but his comment is correct: "That's the job of we the people to be watchdogs and whistleblowers. The government works for us. They are absolutely out of control."

  2. Fact is, Africa is a continent not a country with good huntin'.
    Ted want's to keep an eye on the government.
    I mean, what government? The government of North America?

    He belongs in a tea party. Same people that protest government spending but support the trillion dollar wars.

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  4. It's been one year and I still don't think that I have changed my mind about Ted. I saw him at Cal Jam 2 in Ontario Ca. on March 18th 1978. He was a great entertainer and I support his right to be an idiot. I also support the right of Hollywood actors to do the same. I just expected more from Ted. How someone can be so close to the earth and seems to miss the big picture is beyond me. I love you Ted Nugent, I just think that sometimes you are and idiot. Don't feel bad, sometimes I'm also an idiot too. We all do our part.

    Ted, if you ever get out to Humboldt, look me up, I will cook you some Humboldt Grass Fed Beef and we can shoot guns and stuff. You can bag on me and vise versa. The meat and conversation will be good. I will do well just to keep up with you.

    No harm, I just think that you politics suck.


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