Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Tale Of Two Tea Parties, This Time It's Local

Charles Douglas in association with The Sentinel did some fine work documenting two Humboldt County Tea Party events.

There are 4 parts to the video. They should come up as options after playing the first one.

While I want to feel a part of this American revolution, I can't quite get on board with most of these people after a few minutes of talking to them. I went to both events and I came away with the idea that they were angry and not that well informed. Don't get me wrong, on some issues, they are leading the way.

The idea that we need to take this country back. I agree with that. The difference lies in what we both want the country taken back from. I want us to take it back from the international corporations and banksters
They want corporations to have free trade but want to take the country back from all the people that are not like them. They are against government spending and think the private sector has the answers to all of our problems. If companies make a bad product, consumers will just choose to not use that product.

This doesn't work when 2 egg ranches sell under 14 different names and over a billion eggs are making Americans sick. This also doesn't work when BP spoils the coasts of several states and the gas stations that bear their name don't belong to them. How do we make good decisions when the corporations we buy from are not what they seem? They don't want government regulations but in these two cases, more regulation would seem to be just what was needed.

I don't want the full brunt of the U.S. government telling me how many chickens I can have and that they all need to all be fitted with micro chips. I think that regulation should be based on the amount of harm that may incur if things were to go wrong. A company that owns 100 oil wells on land is not as likely to do as much damage as an off shore drilling company with the same amount of rigs. Someone with 25 or 100 chickens isn't as likely to to sicken thousands of people under 14 different names. They are more likely know their customers by name and wouldn't take chances with peoples lives that are their neighbors.

In my opinion, a smaller government, just for the sake of less spending would hand the country off to the international bankers, corporations and coalitions like the WTO and the Federal Reserve.

I am for some sort of democratic socialism. As a young man argued with the Tea Party in one of the videos, you can either have some social spending or you can hire more police. How do you want to spend your money?


  1. This is exactly why I left the republican party. They have spent years touting the free market, at the same time they have handed America to the influence of big business. I want to feel the affect of stimulating business to increase the flow of jobs and money. Not at the expense of making it so expensive to get health insurance, to buy groceries, to purchase fuel and at the same time paying for the waste and squander that big business creates by not following the laws set to regulate them.

  2. Yet these folks were SILENT while Bush gave us a pointless war, 3 trillion in debt and big favors for his wall street cronies.....


  3. Greg,
    The GOP is certainly not perfect. However, when you read the Party's platform versus other parties', which I warn are all polarizing, you come to realize that it is better to pick the one you mostly agree with and get involved to change those issues which you do not agree with.

    The Tea Party movement is forcing significant changes at the local level in Orange County. It is not perfect but improving constantly.

  4. Well-taken points Tom.

    I'm still not sure about what would be the best scenerio for all Americans.

    I don't think polarizing parties will solve the problems facing the average American. But it's what we have right now.

    How do you change that? If someone has the answer, I'd like to hear it.

    No offense Greg S., but joining a party because it's the lesser of two evils in your mind, doesn't make sense to me.

  5. Dave, I feel that president Obama has worked hard to include the republicans in his plans. He has even backed republican ideas only to have them voted down by the people that suggested them. We are polarized but the democrats have had to go at it mostly alone.
    The democrats give and give on legislation to the republicans and all but 2 or 3 vote against the final bill.
    This only empowers the democrats to go it alone but they don't take the empowerment.

    I think that the Tea Party, Green Party and Libertarian Party need to work with the democrats to come up with some ideas and common ground. The republicans don't want to do anything that will help the country while President Obama is in power. He might get the credit. I think the rest of us need to band together and get things done even if we isolate the republicans for the obstructionists they are.

  6. I forgot to include the biggest demographic in my rant, the Independents.
    Lets face it, the republicans only represent around 20 percent of the population.


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