Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Great White Shark Washes Up On Samoa Beach Ca.

My friend Dave Berman called me at about 8:25 pm Saturday night. He was on Samoa Beach and a baby Great White Shark had washed up onto the beach. He and a friend tried to help the little guy off the beach but they couldn't budge it. He called me and asked if I knew of anyone that could help. I thought of Patrick Higgins and Humboldt Baykeeper. I called Pete Nichols and Higgins and left messages. It is after all, Saturday night.

Dave called back and said that he had called Mike Jones of the Eureka City Council. He suggested 911 or the Samoa fire Department.

Dave Berman said that it was now getting dark and the tide was coming in. A wave had just washed the shark down the beach about 50 yards and he was sending his friend back to the car for a flashlight.
We decided not to call 911 or the Fire Department since he couldn't see the shark anymore.

I had offered to go onto the air from my home to get help but without sunlight and no 4x4's on the beach to asses the situation, we decided to hope that the tides had washed it back out to sea.

What we want to know is, who do you call in a situation like this? Suggestions are welcome.

Dave said when he gets home he will post some pictures he took on his blog, if they turn out.
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  1. Good question – maybe Fish & Wildlife or Fish & Game? I'll try to find out.

    But, based on other sharks that have washed up around here, it might not have been a juvenile Great White. People make that mistake all the time, when it's more likely a salmon shark ( or porbeagle (

    Great whites are 4-to-5-feet long at birth. A few of these little sharks seem to wash up every year, not sure why.

  2. Here is my post on this, including pictures:

    Thanks for your help, Tom! Hopefully someone can tell us whether this actually was a baby great white and also what would be a better approach to a similar situation in the future.


  3. Fish and Game would be good since they are close to Samoa, I've called them before with good results (but it was weekdays)...also I have this number in my cell phone ever since I found a seal on the beach a few years ago. (707) 465 6265 It's the Crescent City Marine is a link to info:

    Also I think HSU has a wildlife care center? I seem to remember trying them in the past too (when we had that oil spill off coast and were getting oiled birds on the beach)
    Just some thoughts


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