Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dr Laura Quits Radio Show

CNN announced at about 8:15 tonight that Dr. Laura would be ending her radio program due to her racist rant last week. She used the N-word but the real one, 11 times in a rant to a caller.

Appearing on CNN's Larry King she announced that she would leave radio at the end of her contract which expires at the end of the year.



  1. Yeah! Good move on her part. Can't live that down. Maybe if she was Imus. No, not even that.

    So... is this the opening we needed to get Randi Rhodes??? We had talked about this at the Blogger's Picnic a while back...

  2. When is the blogger picnic this year?

  3. Randi Rhodes requires a 3 hour block with no exceptions. I hate those kind of contracts.
    If that changes, it would make sense for an hour of Randi.

  4. And where is the picnic? We should really do that again. Rose? Erik? Heraldo? Anyone else?

  5. I thought we got along well in person at the last one.

    If we have to wait for next year, we should find a place with camping so we could have alcohol and a fire. Those on the outskirts could spend the night. It could be a picnic with options.

  6. That shrew and Larry King both gone in the same year...perfect

  7. Yeah, that contract stipulations sucks. Hey, I would be willing to trade the tape delayed three hour block of Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio fr Randi.

    Just an idea!

    Could you imagine the confusion of the audience as they went from Jim Rome to Randi Rhodes? This is why I am not in the radio business.


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