Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To Get 60 Thousand Jobs in California in 2 Years


With unemployment on everyone’s mind, the Obama administration has been touting “green” projects as a source of new jobs. Now the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has confirmed that some government programs can do just that -- create jobs.

Recently the SEIA released an independent study predicting that extending the government’s Treasury Grant Program (TGP) and Solar Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit by two years will create an additional 200,000 new American jobs.

Extending TGP will also create 10 gigawatts of new solar installation by 2016 – enough to power 2 million homes. A recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory also found that TGP “has provided significant economic value” and predicted high employment levels in renewable energy industries.
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These are the jobs we need to create. The manufacture and instillation of new green technology is something that stays here in the U.S. It is a double benefit. It is an investment in the future as well as an investment to get people working in above minimum wage jobs.


  1. IMHO, I think it is mostly hype. The vast majority of solar cell manufactures are in Asia. Also, it is too expensive for most business owners and homeowners to purchase and install.

    My associate installed the cells on his residential roof at a cost of $35,000. So Cal Edison gave him a $10,000 rebate, and someone else (city?) gave him another $5,000 rebate. Since these are rebates, he still had to have $35,000 to do it. He estimates that it will take 5 years before the balance is paid and savings are realized. It's not a bad deal but it is economically cost prohibitive for the common homeowner or small business owner to implement, especially considering the unavailability of loans and the lack of cash in hand.

  2. Are you saying these jobs aren't going to happen Greg?

    What parts are mostly hype?
    You metioned that the cost would be prohibitive for the average homeowner or small business. What else? Just curious.

  3. Government subsidies in Germany have done wonders for solar usage and jobs there. It's true that many of the pannels are made overseas but that's what this conversation is all about. Bringing jobs home.

  4. A good initiative towards reducing pollution, as a bonus it is also generating lot of jobs.


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