Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mad River Community Hospital to offer Free Mammograms for Un and Underinsured

Mad River Community Hospital is pleased to be able to offer the women of Humboldt County screening and diagnostic mammograms as well as ultrasound breast studies through this funding. Chief Operating Officer, Steve Engle, said “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with a national organization that cares so much about early detection. It gives us the chance to provide services to a patient population that has been much underserved in the past.”

The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Frisco Texas, has given a $75,000 grant to Mad River Community Hospital to fund mammograms for patients who are uninsured or underinsured. Janelle Hail, CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a breast cancer survivor herself, wants women to have the opportunity to participate in breast cancer early detection programs even if they don’t have insurance.

When a women calls Theresa Gonzalezs, Patient Benefits Coordinator, at
825-4932 she will quickly be screened for program qualifications and then given an appointment for her mammogram. Mad River Community Hospital has worked hard to make the program as simple as possible for our patients. The Humboldt Community Breast Health Project is also working with Mad River Community Hospital to help women gain access to the program and to assist them with care issues if something is discovered during the exam. This helps to ensure women are given assistance during a difficult and emotional time.

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  1. Congratulations, Mad River Community Hospital!

    -Jeff Collins


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