Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oxycontin Bandit Strikes Again In Eureka

A young adult male described as in his early 20’s, held up Redwood Pharmacy in Henderson Center before 3pm this afternoon. The suspect brandished a gun and pointed it at two of the female workers and demanded Oxcycontin, a powerful narcotic made from opium. He did not demand money or anything else according to an employee at the pharmacy.

Police are on the scene gathering evidence.

A witness said the suspect was skinny, a bit under 6 feet tall, had blond curly hair and was wearing a grey hoodie and black skater shoes.

The description matches that of a suspect wanted in a recent string of drug store robberies where Oxycontin was also taken.

No one was injured.


  1. I heard he was scoring for Rush Limbaugh who went off the rehab wagon in April.

  2. This guy just won't go away. He's gonna get caught sooner or later. He must be very addicted.


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