Thursday, August 12, 2010

PG&E Fires Up New Power Plant

The dark brown exaust from one of PG&E's new power generators can be seen in contrast to the fog and normal water vapor that usually flows away from the plant.  This photo was taken just after 4 pm today and within minutes the plume was invisible due to the fog coming in.

The people on Humboldt Hill, just south of Eureka will be having this brown stuff for dinner as that's where it was headed.


  1. That brown smudge reminds me, I have to go to the PG&E office. The person that reads my meter has me using 1-thousand more kw hours than the meter reads. He read the one a few inches away correctly. I checked with my neighbor.
    You can Google how to read your meter and check yours for accuracy. I would recommend it because you might have the same meter reader that I have.

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  3. I spoke to someone at PG&E today that said that the brown clouds are just short bursts during the start up tests of the new plant.
    These tests are permitted in their permits and there will be more. The two smoke clouds I saw were short in duration, about 10 minutes or so.

    They also said that I would be getting a call from someone to resolve my electric meter issues.
    I await their call.

  4. Some more of this start up smoke was visible today around 5 pm.
    I still haven't heard from someone about my crazy meter readings.
    I have been paying my bill anyway to avoid being cut off.


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