Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real Story Behind Both Tea Parties

Thom Hartmann can be heard in Humboldt County on Am 1480 live from 9 am to Noon.


  1. 1773's Tea Party was about corporate greed sponsored by the government.

    The modern Tea Party Movement is about public employee greed which must be paid for by taxpayers.

    They have the same basic principle in common: when government taxes and control cause pain upon the People, the People revolt.

    And yes, the Tea Party's associates are trying to undermine the Obama Administration (not the government itself); that is the general goal of any political revolt. However, Obama would be where he is today regardless of the Tea Party.

  2. The original tea party wasn't funded by 2 right wing billionaires.

  3. They had billionaires in the 1700's???

  4. I recommend the above link. There are four videos so it takes a while to see the whole thing. I am out sick today so I had the time to view all of it.
    I think I will post this with the embed on the blog when my internet speed get's past a crawl. Currently my download speed on Suddenlink is 559 kbps and upload is 224 kbps.


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