Sunday, September 26, 2010

107 Degrees in Fullerton at 5 PM Tonight

I got a call from a family member that lives in Fullerton Ca. and they said it was 107 degrees at 5 pm. at their house tonight.

They, were all wishing they were here in Humboldt.  What a nice weekend it has been here.

On a side note, did anyone see the crazy contrail over McKinleyville this afternoon (Sunday) at about 3:15 pm? I was at the dump and didn't have my camera. It wouldn't have done any good because it was directly overhead and made a big circle/horse shoe kind of turn.  I don't have a wide angle lense. Just asking...


  1. This reminds me of my childhood growing up down in the So Cal.

    It was during heatwaves that my mom would let me stay up (even on a school night) to see how high the temp was during the late night news broadcast.

    I was acclimated to the highs of the summer as a young boy. However, I have been up here long enough to hate the heat. How I lasted five months and change in Riverside back in 2006 is still one of those great unsolved mysteries.

  2. So what the heck was that all about?

    I saw the jet come in from the North and do a complete loop over Eureka leaving a HUGE contrail … and then leave in exactly the same direction that it came from.

    This was followed shortly by a large plane flying through the trail.

    And then followed three bright balls of light floating through the trail to the South. I don’t know what the balls of light were but a good guess would be sunlight reflecting off of large balloons (weather balloons?)… were they dropped out of the large plane?

    I did get some photos of it all ... I would send them to you if I had an email address....

  3. I live in McKinleyville...didn't see the u-turn trail in question, but a couple weeks ago I noticed the return of (maybe they never left) the two large white planes that fly too close together to be passenger jets (I don't think passenger planes the size of 727's or larger would fly so close together)...always coming from the north heading south, following the coast, always leaving two long white trails from horizon to horizon that slowly blend into a faded cloudline. I first noticed them about 8 years ago...see them maybe a few times per year...a couple years back I spotted them a few times in just a couple months. Some good empirical evidence for the theory heads, fo sho...

  4. I was down in the Fullerton area three weeks ago, and am thankful it wasn't that hot then!

    I can't deal with the extreme heat anymore. These last three days have been picture perfect.
    I wish I could fold them up, put them in my pocket, and let them out in the middle of winter!

  5. is the address to send any photos.

  6. It is 111º in Fullerton right now (Monday @ 2:00 PM). Palm Springs is only at 105º. Needles is a cool 102º!

  7. Ouch! I heard it was 113 in La. today.
    Great time to be under the fog of Humboldt.

  8. Someone posted a video of the contrail and what he calls "metalic floating object(s)" on YouTube.

  9. Oh ... and here's another shorter but clearer video of the contrail on YouTube:

  10. I posted earlier about the 2 jets over mckinleyville...I have no reason to BS about them. No matter what the weather conditions are, they always leave white overlapping trails that never quickly disperse. Of course maybe it's just that I've continued a coincidence of noticing them flying parallel with trails on only these occassions, but after seeing them at least ten times it's definitely a regular thing of some sort. This vid's not local, but recent and good:

    ...and tell me those recent sky spirals in russia, china and australia or wherever formed by "missile tests" or whatever don't look like aerosol dispersion? Food for thought...I'm not a gloomy doomer, but I think it's naive to believe nothing's "going on"...

  11. I've watched a few Minuteman missiles launched out of Vandenburg AFB and they do have that aerosol dispersion look when the boosters drop off and the secondary engines kick in.

  12. gary, I've read all about it. With only so much first hand experience myself, I can't say...but the coincidences involved in each event are a little too peculiar. I guess my point is, throughout the entire history of this country, it's always come into retrospective light that the government/military has been doing stuff behind everybody's back...and there's no reason to suspect they'll stop. "Top-Secret" stuff is going on all over all the time, including the skies of humboldt, and it's not inconsequential nothingness or they wouldn't be doing it.

  13. oops...greg, not gary...sorry, I know a gary, rapid typing force of habit.


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