Thursday, September 2, 2010

After College Radio I went Into The Music Business

A long, long time ago in a county far, far away... While wraping up my stint in college radio, I bought the studios that my band used to rehearse at. I was lucky to have a band as a customer that had some members that did video. We worked out a deal and produced our own TV commercials to run late night on Duck Man and Bevis and Butthead and other like shows on cable. This video was an actual commercial we ran for a few months back in the 1990's.
Don't call the number on the screen.  It hasn't been in service for 13 years.


  1. Great commercial Tom!

    You hit the big time early with that Beavis and Butthead gig..(giggle)

  2. Halfway down the stairs there's a place where I always go,
    It isn't up,
    It isn't down,
    It isn't in the country,
    It isn't in the town,
    It's only halfway down the stairs.

    (guess who?)

    (It's me, pam :-) )




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