Thursday, September 16, 2010

Earthdance 2010

This is the last year for Earthdance at the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville Ca. Word has it, the event has outgrown the venue.

I have been going to the Black Oak Ranch since I moved from the south to the north of California. It was called Hog Farm the first 3 years I went and became Earthdance about 9 years ago.

Earthdance is a celebration of life and peace on the earth. There are several stages that include speakers, entertainers and musicians. The crowd is fun, friendly, and eco-conscious. Those that aren't are shown the light and offered another chance to be peaceful or they can leave with the authorities that are waiting just outside the gates on US Highway 101.

When the main stage goes dark, the Dome lights up and things are a bit different. I shot some grainy video of the decadence but It doesn't do it justice.

Including Wavy Gravy and The Dragonfly Girl


  1. After looking at the pictures on the Earthdance site, it looks pretty cool! Sort of a Burning Man/Ren Faire/ Dead Concert/ rave/ Theater festival/ art festival/ (and I'm guessing...) with equal portions of tofu dogs and giant BBQ turkey legs?


    I'll take a turkey leg and some glow paint, please :-)

  2. It's all that. I went to one Renaissance Faire and have to admit that there are many similar elements minus the turkey legs and clay steins of beer. If you look hard you can usually find some Humboldt Grass Fed beef. There are all kinds of good wholesome food for vegans, vegetarians and even a bit for us carnivores.

    The ravers come out at night and there is much theater. A couple of years ago at night, on the campground road on the way to the bowl, there were two guys on a tiny trailer. One played guitar and the other drums and all manor of purcesson. They had built a surrounding like they were in a box with lights and everything. It was all run on batteries. "The Wicker Men". It was just the kind of thing that you don't see every day.

    Good times. I don't know what will become of the festival next year when they move.

  3. I hope it retains its spirit. It looks like a very good thing.


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