Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gallegos and Jackson Debate The DA's Office

District Attorney Paul Gallegos and Deputy District Attorney Allison Jackson went at it in a debate tonight at the Eureka Inn. The theme was domestic violence. I had to work late and caught the whole thing on

KHUM. They had a live broadcast of the two hour debate. They have the equipment to do such broadcasts and no one else in the market has tried to compete with them on that issue.

Allison Jackson made many attacks against the way Gallegos was running the office of District Attorney and Paul fought back. I was surprised that Gallegos did as well as he did in answering Jacksons attacks concerning the way he has run his office as District Attorney. Gallegos is not know for his public speaking abilities but was able to put together many full sentences to explained the complex nature of running a DA's office. Jackson nailed Gallegos about the need for domestic violence courts. Gallegos just said that he was in agreement with her. Then she made reference to the fact that the DA's office has had a million dollars more than a previous budget and still has many problems. Gallegos countered that the additional money was from grants and that the office had actually had funding cut just like everything else in the county. He had found a way to bring more money into the office by being creative with applying for grants.

It was a good debate and both sides scored some points. Allison Jackson knows her stuff but Paul Gallegos did one of the best jobs he has ever done in describing the way things really work in the DA's office.

I almost expected Jackson to kick his ass but that didn't happen. Gallegos held his own and was even at times, articulate. I thought the debate was his to loose but I don't thing he lost it. We'll find out at the polls in November.


  1. I though you listened to the debate. That you think she did not kick his sorry ass proves you did not.

  2. Must have been the audio at KHUM. I heard John Matthews interview and I thought Gallegos sounded like a different man in the debate.


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