Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U.S. 101 Central Ave. On Ramp To Close On Monday

If Caltrans stays on schedule, the southbound on ramp from McKinleyville Avenue  make that, Central Avenue, will close on this Monday night, Oct. 4th.

The northbound off ramp to McKinleyville Avenue  Central Avenue will remain open.

According to the McKinleyville Press, the closure will allow Caltrans to construct new freeway approaches to the new southbound bridge over the Mad River..

People heading south from McKinleyville will have have to use Murry Rd. or School Rd. for U.S. 101 southbound access unless they want to take North Bank Rd.

Southbound 101 traffic will soon be rerouted to the new bridge in the right of the photo. The middle bridge will be torn down and rebuilt. A concrete column is already at the base of where the next bridge will be built and can be seen it the photo between the current southbound bridge and new bridge.

The project is scheduled to be done by the Winter of 2012.

A meeting was scheduled at Azalea Hall tonight to discuss the closure but I didn't make it. I have heard that the final project will leave the old metal bridge to the left but have been unable to confirm that as of tonight.

Update: I spoke to Caltrans Project Manager Richard Mullen today. He told me that the old metal bridge will be removed.. Mullen said that the new bridges will have 8 foot wide shoulders and the new northbound bridge will have an extra 8 foot median separated with a concrete wall. This will be for bikes and pedestrians and will connect the North Bank Rd./Central Ave. intersection to the frontage road on south side of the freeway. That road goes all the way to Valley West. He also said the 101/200 intersection will be reworked for safety reasons. The County is considering widening the shoulder on Central Ave. and that would connect McKinleyville to Valley West in a safer, bike friendly way.


  1. To McKinleyville Avenue? Or to Central Avenue?

  2. Thanks Rose, that would be Central Avenue. I hit my head pretty hard earlier today and instead if it knocking sense into me, I am afraid it has further scrambled my brain.

  3. When this closes there will be much more morning traffic on School Rd. I would suggest that bikers and pedestrians avoid that road during morning commute.

  4. For those of you not from around here, Rose is a local blogger that has an entire blog devoted to getting rid of our current District Attorney. She is also my proof reader.

    I have never asked her where she got such an education on the inner workings of law enforcement and our County Courts. It seems that she has spent as much time involved in that business as I have spent avoiding it.

    My point for bringing this up is, Rose, the election is just over a month away. If Allison Jackson defeats Paul Gallegos, will you still blog? If so what will be the focus of it?.

  5. Tommorrows McKinleyville Press says the ramp and new south bound bridge will open on Monday Oct. 11th.

    There has been a lot of traffic on School Rd. Stay safe on that stretch from K-mart to the freeway. No sidewalks for about half of that trek and it's narrow.

  6. Got any current updates on this, Tom? It is a real pain to be able to get to Dow's Prairie from North Bank Road! Now I hear that Central is also going to be closed where I have been forced to drive since the northbound on ramp was closed. Does this mean I have to back track to Arcata in order to go north? If yes, how long is this going to go on? Where do I apply for hardship pay for the cost of extra miles driven, inconvenience, and the time?


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