Saturday, October 23, 2010

Generator, check. Gas, check. Extension cords, check. Flashlight and batteries, check.

The first major storm of the season is upon us and Eureka is expecting 2 inches of rain and lots of wind.

This means 4 inches in Trinidad and likely that the power will go out. The TV is plugged into a UPS so it won't blow up with a power surge. Giants baseball is on the tv plugged into a UPS.

I  have two giant steaks getting ready to go on the BBQ. Yes I BBQ in the rain. Its Humboldt County, that's the way we roll here.

I wish I could say that we were as prepared at work. Our UPS died there and everything is plugged directly into the wall. I hope everything stays on. This is the kind of storm that usually causes havoc even with a UPS. We'll have to wait and see.

Just a reminder to everyone in Humboldt to get things in order just incase. Charge the cell phone, find the candles and if you're on a well, have some extra water on hand.
The rivers are all basically empty so we shouldn't have any real flooding but small streams and culverts are likely to overflow and some streets may become unpassable. Just be prepared


  1. The surf sounds like a freight train. I might have to check that out after dinner or in the morning. The National Weather Service said that large waves would go much further up the beach because it still has its summer slope. In the Winter, the slope is eroded and steep and waves don't go as far inland. This might be a bad night to camp at Clam Beach.

  2. Batten down those hatches and enjoy the steak, Tom.

  3. Still, after we re-configured his innovation and then found that patent, we noted that the previous inventor's concept wasn't nearly as robust or capable as the one we engineered.

  4. Here is a cool radar you can watch as we get clobbered by this storm tonight and tomorrow.
    Click animate map in the upper left of the box to put the radar in motion.



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