Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Government Ala Carte

The recent story of a family in Tennessee that forgot to pay their fire subscription and the private fire department let it burn to the ground, spraying the edges with their hoses brings this whole thing up.
Some people say that the person got what they deserved. They didn't pay the monthly 75-dollar fee that month.

Why would a county want to have such a system? What happens when 4 or 5 houses didn't pay their fee? Does the department let a whole block go up in flames? What are the repercussions of that type of thinking?

The County will loose the property taxes of the person that used to live there. You have a blighted burnt wreck in the neighborhood and that can't be good for the property values. Taxes are based on property values. All because somebody didn't pay 75-dollars on time.

On Keith Olberman tonight, it was said that neighbors tried to pay the fire men and offered 500 to 5-thousand dollars if they would just put out the fire.

What has me a bit worried is this kind of thinking is spreading. The idea of a competent local government being able to provide services such as roads, street lights, sanitation, water, courts, law enforcement, paramedics, buses, airports, water ports, libraries, and fire departments. (I left out a ton of stuff) is under attack.

In a tea party run world, all of these things and more including Social Security and Medicare, would be outsourced to the point of confusion unless the companies that ran such things had a monopoly with no competitors.
This works well for big business. Since business does such a good job safeguarding us on their own providing us with tainted chicken eggs, leaky oil wells and polluted fishing grounds, a banking system out of control, their newly found Supreme Court sanctioned ability to spend as much money as they want on TV, radio and newspapers to influence our elections. Some of this money is coming from businesses outside of the US including companies owned in part by foreign governments.

While this is good for big business, it is  not good for the United States of America. We can't make our own ammunition any more. We have outsourced our ability to defend ourselves as a country. The Chinese make the chips that go into out missiles, jets and guidance systems. They are leaving us in the wind as we buy the stuff they make and send our jobs overseas.

I think that some tea partiers and I agree that the US should back out of some treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA and take a serious look at our relationship with the WTO.

Our big business has been dumping cheap corn and other big agra grown crops in Mexico and putting their small farms out of business. They in turn, come here looking for work. But we just sent them our manufacturing jobs. Yes but since then, many of those jobs have been sent to cheaper countries and there aren't enough left to make a dent in the unemployment in Mexico.

We can outsource where it makes sense.
But parting out the government is not in the best interest of the general population.
The things that don't make sense are the commons. The things that we all own collectively. The parks, the air, water, streets, courts,  the air waves, our right of ways, our ability to come together as communities and say that we all own this. There will be a shared fee to protect and maintain these treasures that are all of ours and we will call that fee a tax.
The rest will be  done by volunteers.
That's how we do things here in Humboldt.

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  1. What happened was shameful. Each firefighter has a professional responsibility to his/her fellow human to protect life and property regardless of their ability to pay. For that matter, we all have a moral responsibility to protect life and property of our neighbor. Would a doctor watch a person die because they didn't pay their insurance? I think not.


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