Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illinois Sheriff, Tom Dart Says Out of 350 Foreclosures Only 17 Have Proper Paperwork. Refuses To Carry Out Evictions.

"Yet, one sheriff is not waiting for the big banks to correct their own behavior or for the government to step in and set things right. Cook County, Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart recently assembled a team to investigate the foreclosures in his area. His team found that out of 350 cases reviewed, “only 17 of them had the proper paperwork.” Following the investigation, Dart announced Monday that he would be halting all evictions of homeowners — a step he took two years ago at the height of the financial crisis — and would not take part in any foreclosures unless the banks could provide the documentation to prove that the evictions were legitimate and legal:"
Read more at ThinkProgress.

I wonder how many evictions in Humboldt County are being done with the proper paperwork?
Maybe Rose knows?  She seems to be an expert on courts and law enforcement. Rose, is our sheriff being as diligent?


  1. Tom, I'd go a step further and ask,

    "How many other Sheriffs around the entire country are willing to do this for the people they serve?"

    We have the answer.This sheriff's action were so unique it made the national news...

  2. Too bad we don't have the same level of integrity in California's elected sheriff's.

  3. I agree Dave. Anything doing that much harm with that little evidence deserves to be put on hold. The libertarians say that County Sheriffs' have more authority than most people think.
    The link below is to guy that says they have more local power that the US President.


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