Thursday, October 14, 2010


First of all Rose, you don't have to yell in all caps.  That just not cool.
Her question would seem to be directed at our local District Attorney since that's what her blog, "Watch Paul" is all about.

I have the answer here since she isn't taking comments on her blog, she just gives them these days.

According to Marymount College here in California, you file a lawsuit.

Or in the case of Tea Party Candidate Christine O'Donnell running for Senate in Delaware, you just pad your resume' and the liberal media says you did and the voters will decide if you are a witch or actually went to a particular college.


  1. Rose has also restricted her other Tea Party blog, so people can't see exactly how kooky she really is. If Allison Jackson is anything like Rose, we should be alarmed to say the least.

  2. I'm taking comments, they just go into moderation first now, since I am tired of, among other things, the attacks on other posters. And, as the season gets nastier, the Gallegos camp's contributions are particularly vile. Sorry yours was delayed.

    Gallegos claims IN HIS BALLOT STATEMENT: "...I established the Criminal Investigations Bureau, the Consumer and Environment Protection Unit, the Child Abuse and Adult Sex Crimes Unit, the Worker's Compensation Fraud Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit and Bad Check Program...." and he claims: "... I taught the United States Constitution when I was a professor at Humboldt State University,..."

    The Bad Check program predates 1994. (Gallegos took office in 2003. The Domestic Violence Vertical Prosecution Unit predates Gallegos, as does the Child Abuse Services Team set up in 1997, and the Sexual Assault Response Team around that same time. Calling the County to verify the year they were established, you are told that those programs predate their online Questys system, and that you might want to ask the District Attorney. Once the problem with that is explained... well, you can talk to the granting agencies...

    The last thing every voter will see before they vote is - well, what do you call it?

  3. As for anon at 8:09 - nothing so sinister, I have simply closed that blog, as I expect to also shut down watchpaul in November. It's been interesting, but I have alot of other things to do.

  4. So an outright lie, not a little embellishment, but a straight boldface lie is OK from a candidate DA. Where is the line. These items are being used by the campaign all the time. By the way, compared to most in the blog world Rose is very normal.

    Connect the dots

  5. The Gallegos camp has attempted to manipulate the Board of Supervisors process - tried to pass a sneaky paragraph into a proclamation that was supposed to be praising the workers.

    Then sent out a PRESS RELEASE claiming the Board had credited him with CREATING the Domestic Violence Unit NOT KNOWING that it was approved only AFTER THAT PARAGRAPH HAD BEEN REMOVED BECAUSE IT WAS NOT FACTUAL AND EVERYONE IN THE ROOM KNEW IT.

    He was not in the room, nor were his handlers. So he did not know that his scheme had failed. And he went on to trumpet his false assertion.

  6. You finally found something to do? That's great!

    I can't imagine how much time you've wasted in the blogosphere


    A song from the Thompson Twins that says it all.

  8. So many people running for office are doing the Fox News thing. Hey we can lie as long as we're not under oath. It's free speech.

  9. The truth about these programs has not yet been shoved into the Memory Hole. They have not yet been incinerated. His claims, and this cynical attempt to deceive you - how does this make you feel? Is this the kind of man you want in office?

    Remember "FRAUD is NOT a victimless crime."

  10. If people are more comfortable with his lies than Jacksons truths, they will vote that way. If I were a victim of a violent sexual crime, I might be the sort that would vote for Allison Jackson. She comes off as mean and vindictive. She also didn't tell the truth about the case in Arcata where a guy broke into a house and held a woman there until the police defused the situation. That guy was charged with a rape count that was a technicality. The woman was not raped but because of the technicality that allowed for the charge of rape, the defendant agreed to all of the other charges and went to jail without having to have an expensive trial. He did it in a plea to get rid of the false rape charge. Who would want that on their record.

    I find this example a good use of tax payer dollars while at the same time repulse at the fact that the charge of rape was trumped up and over the top.
    I am not a fan of liars and would rather vote for a candidate that tells the truth, but we only have two candidates and neither of them seem capable of that.
    The election nation wide is being run on a campaign of lies, some of them paid for by foreign governments or companies controlled by foreign governments. Fox News won the right to lie in their broadcasts by the Florida Supreme Court, this is the the way things are done now. It's up to the voters and people like you and I to sort out the truth. Otherwise, the big races will be won by those with the most money that lie the best.
    You have made some good arguments about who we should vote for in this race but I, like many others will vote for the candidate that makes them the most comfortable, and Allison Jackson doesn't seem like someone I would cozy up with.
    To me, Jackson comes off as another authority figure. I have never done well with those. She hasn't swayed me but she may do well with voters that feel that they have been abused or hurt by the system. I have been the victim of a vindictive DA in the O.C. and worked to rid the county of his presence. We succeeded in getting him removed and then I moved up to Humboldt. Had it not been for him trying to get me for child support for children that weren't mine, and moving here and having our DA recalled by Maxxam for no other reason than that he thought that they were doing harm to the tax payers of Humboldt County, I might have been more receptive to Jackson's campaign.
    I lost a business because of a city attorney and DA that that were out of control, I don't want to go through that again. I have to ask myself, do I vote for a DA that lies to build himself or one that lies to tear someone else down.
    That is the question on my mind how about you?

  11. Tom, I strongly suggest you meet Allison. I can assure you that the Salzman rhetoric is not accurate, though he is very good at spreading it.

  12. So, here's the thing, Tom - talking about targeting businesses - it was because of Gallegos that the Eureka Inn was closed down. It was Gallegos who used the full force of the law to go after a critic in the Debi August case. It was Gallegos who - no matter what you think of the Palco case - tried to use the law improperly, and at the behest of his campaign backers, proven by the fact that every court who heard the case tossed it. It was Gallegos who used the Criminal Grand Jury process to persecute Douglas and Zanotti, it was Gallegos who threw the full weight of the law against Sean Marsh, whose only crime was that he toddler walked a few feet in front of him on a quiet Ferndale street.

    If you look at the child abuse information on my site, you see the number of cases that come in - and you see the number of cases that are accepted. This is because Allison, and the others who worked those cases, were diligent in ensuring that innocent people were not charged, and that the only cases that were filed were those that could be proven in a court of law. Far from mean-spirited, it is because she and the others now working for other counties, care intensely about protecting the right of both victims and defendants, and if you talk to her you will learn something.

    But more than that - it is Gallegos who, again at the behest of his handlers, was willing to completely and totally corrupt the PUBLIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM by way of Salzman's Plan. Salzman's plan as to have Gallegos set up a TRUST FUND - through which Salzman could funnel in special interest money to PRIVATELY FUND A PUBLIC PROSECUTION. His plan called for them to run FULL PAGE ADS IN THE CHRONICLE, THE LA TIMES AND OTHER MAJOR PAPERS IN ORDER TO SOLICIT, ACCEPT AND USE SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY TO PRIVATELY FUND THE PALCO SUIT.

    Gallegos took it as far as submitting it to the AG;s Office - and had they been successful at implementing it, it would have been a precedent setting move that would have permanently altered our public judicial system for the worse. Essentially he was willing to turn the DA's Office over to the highest bidder.

    You may think it is ok. I think THAT is pretty SCARY.

    I think it is pretty scary that DA is so beholden to his backers and handlers that he would do such a thing.

    I think it is pretty scary that - knowing about this latest scheme to hijack the Board of Supervisor's commendation process for his own ends, and in order to deceive you - it's pretty scary that you are willing to brush that aside, favoring imaginary lies over proven ones.

    I think you are smarter than that or I wouldn't be here trying to talk to you. I KNOW you do not stand for shit like this.

    Sorry about the CAPS but, you know what? This stuff matters. And it's time it came to an end.

    Let him return to private practice. Let him be the best defense attorney in the world, let him make millions of dollars off his brilliance.

  13. Thanks Rose for all the info. hopefully it will help people make up their minds if they are still on the fence about which candidate to vote for. It might even change a few minds.

  14. Palco trying to buy their way out of a lawsuit was bad.

    Seeking to use the public judicial system as a weapon, and to corrupt it by turning it over to special interest money is at least equally as bad. I would argue it is even worse, as the DA really does have an obligation to act "without fear or favor" as he is so fond of saying and so blatantly in favor of ignoring.

    If you care at all about these things as you profess to - if it really does mean more to you than just rhetoric and lip service, if you are willing to vote on fact and not rhetoric - I have given you facts. I have given you the proof, in his/his handlers own words on official documents. Not innuendo.

    Gallegos/Salzman are counting on you to ignore it. they believe you do not care.

    I believe you do.


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