Monday, October 25, 2010

Trinidad Public Restrooms and Wasetwater Facility Almost Complete.

Your Stimulus Funds at work!

Near the Pier in Trinidad is an almost complete project that includes a wastewater treatment plant and new public restrooms.

In a town with a working pier and lots of tourists, this was needed and evidently shovel ready as it's almost done now.

Here's what a PDF from the Department of Fish and Game says:

Harbor Restroom Project - Clean Beaches

The wastewater system for Trinidad Harbor suffered from deferred maintenance at the time
Trinidad Rancheria purchased the Harbor in 2000. The existing on-site septic system is old and
deteriorating and the leach field system has a history of failure. Leach field problems will likely
recur unless the existing primary treatment facilities are replaced with advanced treatment.

Additionally, portable chemical toilets are currently being used due to the lack of a public
restroom facility. The adjacent beaches are often used as an alternative to the chemical toilets.

An existing storage shed will be replaced with a public restroom/janitorial storage area. To
accommodate the larger restroom building footprint and the sewage treatment plant, the bank to
the south of the proposed building location will be stabilized using a concrete retaining wall. The
restrooms will be ADA-compliant and all appliances will be automatic and hands free. The
existing wastewater treatment facilities and leach field will be replaced. The project will be
effective in addressing surfacing effluent at the Harbor leach field and use of the beach as a
toilet because of lack of public restroom facilities. Project effectiveness can be demonstrated by
the improvement of the bacterial quality of near shore ocean water, by the removal of portable
toilets, and by the reduction in the use of the beach as a restroom.

Construction will begin in early 2010. This project is part of an overall program of water quality improvement in Trinidad
Harbor initiated by Trinidad Rancheria and the City of Trinidad. This project is funded through
the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Clean Beaches Initiative and a SWRCB
Clean Water State Revolving Fund ARRA Financing Agreement.


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  2. Of course we water board! It's California! Gidget and all that...

    Baron Von Zipper was a bad, bad man...


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