Tuesday, October 19, 2010

‘US’ Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Seminars With Chinese Gov Officials To Teach American Firms How To Outsource

It would seem that the US Chamber of Commerce is more interested in commerce abroad than a strong US economy. They are funneling money into our elections and they won't say where the money is coming from.

Now there is this story that shows they are even working closely with the Communist Chinese to move our jobs to China. The Chamber has shown that they are an enemy of labor in this country. For those that would like the US to have jobs and the tax base that goes along with those jobs, I have one suggestion. Encourage companies to withdraw from the US Chamber of Commerce. Defund those that would take your job away. Do not support those that would meddle in our elections without being held accountable.

Stop feeding the beast that is helping to destroy us.

Oh yeah, here's the story.


  1. what a bunch of crap for the chamber to pull, hope the awakening comes before the quickening... or the rapture. crikey.

  2. Unbelievable!

    Meanwhile our rust belt continues to tighten.

  3. Let's see now...were turning to a Communist regime to teach us about outscourcing...what's wrong with that picture?

    Has Communism proved to be more successful than Democracy? You have to wonder when you see stuff like this.


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