Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's 28 Degrees But I Have A Fire

I feel for those on the streets tonight in Humboldt County. It is 28 degrees outside where I live according to my RadioShack digital thermometer. For two and a half years I went without heat. I would hover over my laptop with a catalytic propane heater and go to bed early with many layers above a sleeping bag.

I am doing much better this year since I got my wood stove.  The grass outside is crunchy but I have it up to 68 degrees and would do better but the guy that usually brings my wood is missing. I have some wood , but it's not oak like Bill brings. He called and said he had some wood but never showed up. I hope he is all right. I also hope that those without houses or shelter are all right. It's damn cold and I am grateful for my stove.

If anyone in the Humboldt area has any good oak or madrone and wants to sell it, contact me at

For those without homes you can help.

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