Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live, Local, Election Coverage on Access Humboldt

Tomorrow at 8:00pm - Wednesday at 12:30am

Access Humboldt studio, Channel 11, and ONLINE!
Created By Access Humboldt

 Access Humboldt is proud to bring you live, local coverage on election night, Tuesday, November 2nd.

Tune in to Access Humboldt channel 11 between 8 p m and midnight on election night to get Vote count updates, interviews with candidates and commentators, as well as live reporting from campaign parties in the Humboldt bay area and the KMUD studios in Redway.

Remember to tune in November 2nd for election night coverage on access Humboldt channel 11 or Watch the online stream at accesshumboldt.net.

Access Humboldt – local voices through community media.


  1. Access Humboldt has had transmission problems since coverage in its first hour of election coverage. The audio is gone and that killed the stream but pictures on the screen jusst before 9 pm show zero local returns in the races. Hopefully they will get things fixed as the numbers start to roll in. As I recall, the numbers mostly come in all at once in the 10 pm hour. Well see.

  2. I seem to be having typing problems too.

  3. Here's the latest on the scene in Humboldt as told by the North Coast Journal.


  4. Thanks Tom for helping to spread the word about the election night program. Yes, it was most unfortunately that we had technical problems in the first hour or so. We trying to pull together some of highlights of the entire night for re-play on the channels.


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