Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some People Will Do Anything For Money

A guy named Brent worked his way to the top of his proffession.  He is a proffessional tower climber and is in town working on a few radio and tv station towers.

He is shown at the top of the 1480 am radio tower near the PG&E power plant and US 101.  He was changing the lightbulbs.

The bulbs look so tiny from the ground but you can see that the top beacon is about the size of his torso.  Actually there are two lights at the top in case one goes out.  This is for safety reasons involving aircraft.

At some points while he was on the tower, it disappeared into the fog.


  1. Wow!!!

    That guy has a serious set of huevos.

  2. He looks a bit like a space man in the shot.

  3. Some people would say that is a pretty cool job.

  4. If you click the picture, it should zoom a bit.


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