Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Assange Set Up By CIA Operative?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest over the dubious rape and molestation claims of two Swedish women is likely a political stunt, after it was revealed that one of the women has connections to the CIA and is a militant feminist who published a guide on how to get revenge on men and make them “suffer”.

"in August when he was visiting Sweden, both “sent SMS messages and tweets boasting of their conquests following the alleged “rapes,” reports Raw Story, strange behavior for people who subsequently claimed they were victims of molestation."

Read more at PrisonPlanet


  1. Thanks for posting, good to see humboldt county has some people looking at bigger pictures going on in the world!

  2. I have little doubt that the CIA has played him.

  3. This is a case of kill the messenger. I hope Assange clears his name. Wikileaks is much bigger than Julian Assange himself though. There are thousands of people involved and they are hacking into web sites that have anything to do with trying to stop them. I wouldn't want to go into a cyber war with the Wikileaks guys.

  4. i keep thinking that it isnt the government, or the secret government, working him right now, but the corporatacracy. he had announced plans to aim at them starting with the banks. i hope WikiLeaks gets to that stuff pdq!

    10 years hence, what do people think will be the outcome of these cyberwars? how will our internet be made different as a result?


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