Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Prime Rib, Not Intended For Viewing By Vegetarians

I have been off the blog for a bit while doing Christmas stuff in Orange County So. Cal. I am heading north Wednesday and seem to be facing snow on US 101. I'll have to take it slow.

On Christmas Eve, my brother in-law Steve always does the honors with the big knife. A former butcher by trade, he just seems to come at it naturally. Family, friends and the holidays.

This year has been more frugal overall but the food was still top notch. I come from a family that has owned restaurants and catering and loves food. Some things never change. Happy New Year if I don't get there before then!
Below is a picture of Mt. Baldy Ca. taken from a hill top in Fullerton. Mt Baldy is over 10 thousand feet tall and has a ski park and several hiking trails that hikers often get turned around on. Many lives have been lost on the trails of this magnificent mountain.

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