Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clam Beach Camp Ground Closed For Remodeling

Clam Beach Campground Closed For Remodel
Picnic benches, fire rings and camp site markers are stacked in the parking lot of Clam Beach Campground.  The gates are closed and there is no camp host.  Just a couple of guys working on the remodel. 

I asked a few questions and got some good news for local campers.  When the camp ground reopens, there will be new fire rings, new picnic benches and real defined camp sites.  Before there was a hodge podge of camping sites that had people wandering through other peoples camps to get to their tents.  There will be about a dozen sites when it is finished sometime around Christmas.  Picnic benches were sort of on back order and they are not sure when they will arrive.  That could hold the project up and put the reopening closer to New Years.
A new camp host site has also been built across the road from the entrance and lots of grading has taken place.

Located between Trinidad and McKinleyville Ca. next to U.S. Highway 101Clam Beach Camp Ground is run by the County of Humboldt and offers tent sites with pit toilets and rv parking with no hookups.  It is literally on the beach situated next to Strawberry Creek just steps from the surf.


  1. Good news Tom. I've had a lot of fun over the years at Clam Beach.

    Nice to see some improvements.

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