Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Legalize Marijuana, Use The Jury System.
If a judge can't seat a jury to convict some one on a small pot charge, prosecutors will stop pursuing these cases and eventually, a small amount of pot by De facto, becomes legal.

In California next week,  possession of less than an ounce becomes nothing more than an infraction. Like a parking ticket. This however is not about California.

See the entire RawStory involving a Missoula  Montana Court.


  1. For Pete's sake, just legalize the stuff. Put an end to this misery.

    Ohhhhhh. But the pot growers don't want it legal. Oh dear.

    So what you really want is unequal justice. You want some people to be able to break a law with no consequences. But the other guy, who broke a different law gets the full weight of the law thrown at him. How nice.

    The problem with your vision is - who gets to decide which laws are ok to break and which ones are not? And how are you to know from one day to the next which it is?

    And if it is ok to break the law the way you propose then why should any of us obey ANY laws, Tom?

    No. There's only one answer and tat is to legalize it. If the law is bad, get rid of the law.

    We agree it's a stupid law. It should have been changed decades ago. Instead we have the 215 sham and scam here, and wild variances in the laws from state to state.

  2. Did my post disappear? Looks like it.

    I just posted another attempt to wake people up to the fact that the main cannabis species grown in Humboldt County is legal. Only cannabis sativa is specifically outlawed by Calif. and Fed. laws. But my post didn't post and I'm too lazy right now to rethink it all.

  3. I don't blame the jurors for standing up and saying, "no." But you're on a slippery slop here - and if you really believe it should be legal you have to start electing people who will fix the problem. If it is a stupid law it ought to be repealed, and with it the seat belt law, the cell phone law, the light bulb law, the shower head law and a whole slew of others.

    Then you have to change the system so your legislators aren't justifying their existence by passing more and more and more laws that intrude into your life - your kitchen, your bathroom,your living room, your garage or your bedroom.

  4. errrrr, slippery SLOPE! Though the law is slop as well.

  5. Somebody in the bowels of the "department" had the job of filling in the income blank that used to come from small marijuana case convictions, on the overall budget sheet. A really easy way to do even better than that is to just say everybody's automatically guilty and charge them $100+ without a traffic ticket, but with even less of a chance of having it thrown, having been caught green-handed in a new that was on the verge of disappearing completely, on account of it being widely recognized as a victimless non-crime that costs everybody time and money...but now it's a profitable venture for certain "departments" once again.

    "Marijuana? No big deal...that'll be $100, sign here and have a nice day."

  6. Anonymous, that is exactly what happens on Jan. 1st. in California. No more clogging the courts for this frivolous stuff.

    Rose, if the overall population in a community or state believes something shouldn't be prosecuted, the next logical step is full legalization. Not to do so would make a mockery of the law.


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