Thursday, December 16, 2010

Smokin' Diesel 4X4

There was a dark cloud on my way to work today.  It looked like there might be a freight train ahead or something until we met miles later.  Every time this guy put his foot down, he disappeared into a cloud of black diesel exhaust.  Those of us behind him  in the safety corridor were not amused.
In the audio you can hear Thom Hartmann on the radio talking about tax rates.


  1. That looks like one of the trucks I saw "Dustin' Hippies" down by Hey Juan's in Arcata. They pull up to where people are standing and hit the motor, and it's like a smoke machine. You gotta laugh when people try to tell that those motors are actually clean burning, and the smoke is harmless.

  2. Those trucks have retrofitted chips to "tune" the fuel air ratio. They allow for increased mileage when used correctly. When they are "tuned" for belching black smoke, they are being misused. If you check google, the typical targets are hippies, Prius drivers and brown skinned people. I don't know if local cops would pull someone over for what is basically assault or not. They should.


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