Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This One Is For Rose

Over the weekend, I was on a blog where Rose posted about politicians that spent like drunken sailors.  People spoke up in defence of sailors and she was wondering what a better analogy would be.  I suggested Wall St. Lobbyists. It wasn't that good.  So I ask the question. What is a good analogy for politicians that spend too much?  

In some magical synergy, this ended up in my inbox tonight. 


  1. For those that don't know Rose, she is a local blogger that on occasion helps me with my blog. She is an excellent proof reader and has a passion for local politics.

    I don't always agree with her but she shoots straight and you don't have to guess where she is coming from.

    In the interest of Drunken Sailors, I think we could all use a new analogy for that type of spending.

  2. Here's one, how about " spends money like a redneck that just won the lottery?"

  3. How about "Spends money like the Bush administration"??

  4. How about: Spends money like a politician.

    Or: Spends money like it's not theirs.

    Or: Spends money like a crack ho.

    Or: Spends money like a Vegas gambler.

    Or: Spends money like my wife at Macy's.

    Or: Spends money like Congress on Viagra.

    Or: Spends money like union thugs.

    Or: Spends money like it's nobody's business.

    Or: Spends money like a clueless poli-sci grad.

    Or: Spends money like they're Oprah.

    Or: Spends money like a Kenyan spreading AIDS. (OUCH!)

    Or: Spends money like they just don't care.

  5. Spends money like it's pretend. Lodgepole


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